Slow pc

By kindozo ·
My PC is very slow when i boot and also when i shut down. can i get any reliable software to run some analysis to clean and get my pc run faster?

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How do we know that cleaning is needed?

by robo_dev In reply to Slow pc

What type of PC and what OS?

Did this PC work well at some point?

'Cleaning' the PC can involve both uninstalling programs and services you don't need (which you can do very easily by yourself), possibly cleaning up the registry a bit (which may not be the real problem), and also attempting to go after malware and viruses.

If the PC is very much infected with viruses and spyware, then you need good anti-virus software to fix that problem, not a cleaner app.

If there are gobs of poorly written programs installed on the PC, those need to be deinstalled. If system-restore is working, going back to before those apps were installed is ideal.

In-between, the question would be if the hard drive or PC is malfunctioning or overheating, or if the drive is nearly full, those are other issues.

If all those issues have been resolved, then a 'cleaner program' might help a bit.

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Reponse To Answer

by kindozo In reply to How do we know that clean ...

the pc is HP pavilion g4 notebook, core i3 intel processor with windows 7 home basic as the operating system. The pc works all right but booting takes too long and also shut down. There are also occasional crashes of software such as browsers, eclipse and kmplayer in which cases you have to restart the software. I have not used even half of my 640G hard disk. I possibly think the registry is overloaded or some dangerous viruses are at work. Help me to fix this problem.

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try this

by markp24 In reply to Slow pc


with everything menioned in robo_devs post in addition
try these
ccleaner to clean it
defraggler to defrag it

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Reponse To Answer

by kindozo In reply to try this

how do I get ccleaner and defraggler and how do I use it

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by ARandomPenguin In reply to Slow pc

a little more detailed specs?
CPU type, memory size, mother board, etc
you could try uninstallling and sunning a "sfx /f" in command prompt
Installing more programs onto a slow pc shouldnt be done lightly.
(i find increasing your virtual memory to be a good fix when it seems too slow to uninstall)
Start menu>right click my computer>properties>advanced("advanced system settings" for win7)>under performance open the "settings" button>advanced>in the virtual memory option press "change" then enter a new amount.
Now you can go through uninstalling and disabling start up options (start menu>run?search"msconfig")

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Reponse To Answer

by kindozo In reply to specs?

Here are the specs: HP pavilion g4 notebook, intel core i3-2310M cpu @ 2.10GHz, 4GB (2.7GB usable)ram, 640GB hard disk and Win7 Home Basic OS. I have about 470GB of free hard disk space. I used the path you gave to check the amount of space allocated for the virtual memory and it was 2765MB. What do you suggest I do?

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Well the trouble here is URL's can be marginal at the moment

by OH Smeg In reply to Slow pc

But you can get C Cleaner here

http://www.piriform .com/ccleaner/download/standard

and Defragler here

http://www.piriform .com/defraggler

Just remove the space for a working URL if they actually post or stay on the site. The problem is that with all of the spam recently it's got difficult to post Links as the post gets deleted.


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by BrianW619 In reply to Slow pc

A great resource to download most popular software ranging from system utilities, dvd burning, media, etc. Been using the website for many years without a problem with the validity of the downloadable products.

I also recommend Spybot Search and Destroy which can also be found on Filehippo

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At that size, I assume its a slower RPM hard drive

by Slayer_ In reply to Slow pc

Which will make your laptop boot and shutdown slower. Its normal. You can try and get a higher RPM drive or get a SSD drive. But SSD's are expensive.

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by In reply to Slow pc

In Windows XP/7 run Cleanmgr by pressing Winlogo key+r and type in cleanmgr hit enter.
Try not to erase the Recycle Bin on accident.

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