slow printing

By yasky ·
I have local USB printer that prints very slow. the drivers have been reinstalled.

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What is the speed of the printer in Pages Per Minute

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to slow printing

At the Resolution that you are printing?

What type of printer is it?

What Os is being used?

What is actually being printed?

Graphics always take longer than text and the higher the resolution that is being printed the slower it will print.

Also what type of computer are you using and how much RAM, Spare HDD space is available and what OS is in use?

Also what type of USB Ports do you have USB1 or USB2?


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slow printing

by yasky In reply to What is the speed of the ...

The printer is a HP4250
45 ppm,
the Resolution is laser 1200x1200 dpi
connected to a IBM x41 tablet running XP Tablet edition 2005 sp2
w/1gig of ram w/about 46gig of free Hd space
this is connected by a USB2 connection with the USB drivers.

it takes over 3 minutes to print a test page from the tablet
A test page from the printer comes right out.
we have uninstalled/installed the drivers.
I have another person login to the tablet thinking it might be a profile thing, but it still prints slow.
I hope this helpes.

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If this unit has ever worked properly

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to slow printing

You'll need to look at the Tablet driving it.

But if it's never worked properly I would try using a different form on Computer to test with as the Tablet Edition doesn't necessarily have the best option to drive this High End Printer with and Tablets have a lot of Overheads within them so that could be the problem here though even in the worst possible scenario 3 minutes to print a Test Page seems way too slow from a USB 2 Port. But as the printer works OK from the Printer itself you already know that the problem is at the Computer end of the chain and while the Tablet is well speced and if anything a bit of over kill I would hazard a guess that the Tablet OS is the problem here and then the speed of the CPU & M'Board Chip Set may be a Limiting Factor.

But even still 3 minutes to print a Test Page seems wrong so I would start off by replacing the USB Lead with a known good one or swap that USB Lead to another position to actually make sure that it is actually working properly or try an Ethernet cable if only to test the speed that you get from that.

You have your pick of interfaces and it's possible that the USB one isn't working properly so I would try one of the others available to you and see if that improves anything. If it does and the unit is still UG ring HP Service Centre and get them to come out and fix the problem.

Though to be honest it could be the OS isn't supported as here is the listed supported OS's that this printer will work off in the Windows Range:-

Windows NT 4.0; Windows 98; Windows 2000; Windows Me; Windows XP Home; Windows XP Professional; Windows Server 2003; Windows Vista

While it appears to cover everything there is no mention of the Tablet Edition of XP so that may be a starting point as well.


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Thank you

by yasky In reply to If this unit has ever wor ...

Thanks for the information. I will try your suggestion. good point about the OS, althought I have other IBM x41's with the same hardware configurations and they work fine. I'm starting to think what you suggested that the USB may not be working properly. Again thanks for your help.

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