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Slow refresh of XP "My Computer"

By JamesS233 ·
I recently upgraded my system to XP Pro from Win 98SE, using the full install mode, and I am now having the following problem.

When I boot (or reboot)the system, it takes the "My Computer" screen approx. 1:30 to 2:00 mins. to refresh. During thistime, the sreen displays the searching flashlight icon. Once the page has come up, everything works normally until the next bootup. During this refreash time, the system appears to operate fine except that any activities such as printing, DSL connect, scanning, etc,won't process until the refreash is complete.

This slow refresh is directly related to the bootup, not to displaying the "My Computer" page.
If I wait approx. two mins. before I try to call up the "My Computer" page, it comes up normally.

System Summary:
MSI Motherboard w/latest BIOS & VIA XP updates.
AMD Duron 900 Mhtz CPU
512 Meg. PC 133 SDram memeory (Memeory load 30%)
All accessories are the same as on the Win 98 SE configuration (Scanner, WebCam, Optical Mouse).All drivers are Win XP certified.
All Win XP service packs and updates installed.

Problem appears to worsen as more USB devices are installed. Currently, I have 3 USB devices installed, a scanner, a webcam, and an optical wheel mouse. Each has it's own USB port, but removing all of the USB devices does not stop the problem, just shortens the refreash time.

Microsoft's answer was the standard "It has to be one of your drivers". But all drivers have been removed one at a time, system tested, and then reinstalled. Except for changing slightly the time the refresh takes, it did not cure the problem. Any suggestions?

Thanks, JRS

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Slow refresh of XP "My Computer"

by D_V Ant In reply to Slow refresh of XP "My Co ...

It sounds like a program that runs on startup. See the following Microsft Article for tips on troubleshooting.;en-us;310419
Be sure to remove any spaces from the URl after posting. You should also download some spyware detecting software such as AdAware from Lavasoft. It will scan your computer for spyware and remove it.

Happy hunting.

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Slow refresh of XP "My Computer"

by JamesS233 In reply to Slow refresh of XP "My Co ...

Thanks for the suggestions, but I have already taken these steps and it did not help. I failed to include that these test had already been performed.

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