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    Slow Remote Desktop login times over LAN


    by avuncular ·

    This was a standalone Windows Server 2003 machine, and the login times over the Remote Desktop, or at the console, were flawless, mere seconds; well it is a home office LAN.

    Then, I joined it to a domain, and now Remote Desktop login is VERY long, it just sits there with the message “Applying your settings” for over 4 minutes.
    The local login, in front of the machine, is still quick.

    Whether I login with a domain account or a local account, the story is the same: Remote Desktop – very slow login, login at the physical console – very fast. All after joining to a domain.

    The machine works the same as before afterwards, whichever way you log in.

    Any thoughts?

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      by it_lobo ·

      In reply to Slow Remote Desktop login times over LAN

      Are you using roaming profiles???

      That could account for the long login time.

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        Good point, but ..

        by avuncular ·

        In reply to Profile

        Good point, but when I use the same credentials at the server console, it logs in in a snap.

        Same thing with the server’s local Administrator account — long login over RDA, quick login at the console.

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          by bfilmfan ·

          In reply to Good point, but ..

          What GPO’s are attempting to be applied to your user account via that RDP login?

          That has been known to cause slow login times.

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          Good question …

          by avuncular ·

          In reply to GPO’s

          I see where you’re going, however, the same behavior occurs when I try to use the local machine account over RDA, without even trying to log in to the domain.
          And the same local machine account gets me in in mere seconds when I log in at the console.
          The whole thing started right after I joined the machine to the domain.

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          GPO’s — Yes

          by bbeavs1 ·

          In reply to GPO’s

          I was having a similar problem with logins that took up to 8 minutes, but it was isolated to just a couple of people in a particular OU. There was a GPO to run a logon script. In the script was a command to map a network drive but the share listed was on the wrong server. Once I made the change to the correct server the login time was under 30 seconds.

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      Wrong forum

      by deepsand ·

      In reply to Slow Remote Desktop login times over LAN

      This is a tech. problem, in search of a solution.

      It properly belongs in “Technical Q&A,” not in “Discussions.”

      Please re-post there.

      Thank you.

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      by info ·

      In reply to Slow Remote Desktop login times over LAN

      It sounds like a DNS issue
      are you using the server as a DHCP Server
      also check default gateway make sure the ip addresses are correct

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