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Slow Running Server

By DW Hammack ·
After installing McAfee's NetShield Suite 4.5, the server has slowed down to 1/20 of the speed that it should be running. Is this a problem with Win 2000 server or is this a McAfee problem and are the any solutions?

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Dont Want to point finger but...

by radiic In reply to Slow Running Server

I would say that it has to do with the new Mcafee that you loaded. I would start digging into and looking at the features of the suite. It is probably scanning everything that is being used on the server. I would look for things like when it is scheduled to scan etc...

I personally use Trend Micro AV...For my servers,exchange and the desktop...I love it.

Good Luck


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I agree with DW

by UrNOTready In reply to Slow Running Server

I agree with DW Hammack, but we use Norton Corporate Edition and have few performance issues.

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same config, no problem

by nonamecharlie In reply to Slow Running Server

We run the same application without such problems.
Here are some suggestions
1..Like the first reply, check the config of NetShield
2..check the memory/processor usage to confirm which tasks are killing your could also turn off NetShield to make sure your system bounces back
3..get the critical updates for 2000, you may even have to apply the service pack again
4..or whatever application running that machine B4 netshield just doesn't play nice with it

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definitely is mcafee!

by dbesenho In reply to Slow Running Server

it's definitely mcafee. we had alot of problems with the mcafee software -- it would peg out the server cpu at 100%, all kinds of lovely stuff. we are currently using norton with no problems. one thing you could check is once you run a full scan to verify system is clean, change the scan parameters so they don't check every single file (dll's, etc) continuously -- this will significantly improve performance. just have it check files that are changed. you'll have to look at the settings, i don't remember how they go. i know there are 4 checkboxes, and taking off 2 of them makes a dramatic difference without killing the protection. hope that helps!

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