Slow Share Access

By stephen.schoenfelt ·
I recently deployed a new Win2003 File/Print Server. After transferring all the shares from the old server to the new server and removing the old server from the domain, my users are experiencing an extreme delay (approx 70 seconds) when opening, closing, saving a file directly from or to the mapped share. However, when the file is opened from within the program everything works as normal. Any suggestions on what the problem is would be appreciated.

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Any solution?

by aage In reply to Slow Share Access

I have exact the same problem...

Have you got any solutions for this?

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I Have the exact same problem

by mbarwell In reply to Any solution?

We too recently upgraded to Sever 2003 and are experiencing the same issue. The network response is fine for a non-hidden share, but for a hidden one...WOW 70 seconds...even that seems fast

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Same HEre guys

by jeetrocks85 In reply to I Have the exact same pro ...

I have the same problem but here first time it connects fast.After 10 minutes its horrible..u wont believe its taking 10 minutes to open a share.

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by Kenone In reply to Slow Share Access

Make sure the old mapping is gone.
Go into "Network Places" and delete any reference to the old server. In fact you could delete everything.
Now try.

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