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Slow speeds from my mac but not a PC?

By davespours ·
Hi I have a very strange issue going on.

So in my house I have google nest and 600 MB Broadband. I have an office upstairs and connect my imac to the wall socket and have been getting 550MB or more regularly.

A few weeks ago I checked the speed and it was down to 250MB, I have no idea why.

So after checking a few things I got my service providers out who changed the fibre cables and downstairs, where the router is I am getting the 550MB just on wifi alone. However upstairs nothing has changed.

So they came out again, I explained the situation and he had a PC laptop and he connected to my wall sockets upstairs and got full 600MB. He used his cable, my cable and he checked on both sockets and got the same speed - I checked both sockets and got half the speed.

So I got my mac laptop out, and I am getting the same half speeds as I am with my imac.

Now I am running the latest system software, but it seems very weird that it won't work properly only on macs - can anyone give me a clue about how I can fix this?

Thank you all so much, I'm at my wits end!
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Please try to use standard measures of speed.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Slow speeds from my mac b ...

MB might be MegaBytes but didn't tell what time span.

Anyhow, what you learn is that you take any two (different) machines and you can get very different results. This doesn't mean something is wrong.

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by davespours In reply to Please try to use standar ...

Surely it does? 550 Mbps two weeks ago and now 220 Mbps? that seems very wrong to me.

Also a PC can connect and get more than double the speed?

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As time passes

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Well...

A machine could update, there could be some other computer/device that is using WiFi or the ISP has changed and can't deliver speed.

I know it's hard on folk to share enough details but here we are and still a very incomplete picture.

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The other test.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Well...

You wrote about connecting at the wall sockets. The next test is to plug in directly to the ISP gear (modem or router) and re-test.

Why? Because your cable plant (your wiring and gear) are still in play. It doesn't matter if the test computer is PC or Apple since we are asking for speeds beyond the 100 Megabit speeds so for 1 Gigabit networking you do run into situations where one computer gets full speed and the next computer does not. For Windows PCs we get to try drivers and maybe a new card but ALWAYS the test with a direct connection to the ISP router/modem.

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Where are you checking the speeds?

by mrmacfixit Moderator In reply to Slow speeds from my mac b ...

Just curiosity but could be related to the rproffitt answer

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by davespours In reply to Where are you checking th ...

Ookla Speedtest - 219 Mbps and two weeks ago it was 550 Mbps on the same machine.

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No problem with Oookla,

by mrmacfixit Moderator In reply to Speedtest

I like this one.
https: // testmy. net

Done to avoid the spam filter, you know what to do
Try them

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no better sorry

by davespours In reply to No problem with Oookla,

yeah still 215 Mbps and it was 550 a few weeks ago.

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So weirdly....

by davespours In reply to Slow speeds from my mac b ...

...I completely reset my google nest network - deleted it and started again and now everything is working fine.

I have no idea how or why but it is.

Thanks everyone for your help.

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Good to hear

by mrmacfixit Moderator In reply to So weirdly....

Add another troubleshooting trick to your arsenal

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