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    Slow Spooling


    by steven250677 ·

    I have an NT SP6a Print server, it hosts several printers and does some file sharing, the problem is that when any users try to print via this server, print spooling is painfully slow, i.e, a user tries to print an uncomplicated 1 page doc, I am then able to look at the que on the client and watch the spool process go very slowly, the byte count goes up in small increments and printing may take 5 mins for one page.

    This affects all clients on this print server, other print servers are fine, also the spool file is on the System partition in default directory, but the partition has lots of space 8 gig, so I am confused, any advice?

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      by oz_media ·

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      I’ve seen this also and recently reolved it for another company. many times this is due to the Adobe Post Script drivers being outdated (when a PDF print is the prob.)but usually just removing and reinstalling with new drivers works.

      I can’t stand to watch the spool as if it was being done by a 9600 modem.

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      by jarrettc ·

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      Also just as a general tip, if your server is a dedicated print server (no files and no other services) I would suggest building the server with RAID 0 configuration giving you you the highest I/O output you can get. In a large environment I have found this greatly increases spool times.

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