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    slow start-up script xp


    by systemcheck ·

    have an xp computer (virus free), durring boot up to domain (before log-in) is stuck for at least 20 min, using safe-mode it has no problem, xp repair did not fix problem. what am i missing?

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      by systemcheck ·

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      safe mode

      by patb071 ·

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      log in using safe mode and look in the event viewer. any issues? What was the last thing that changed before the issue occured? Hardware Problems?

      You may need to reinstall the os.

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      Here I would be looking at

      by oh smeg ·

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      Either a IP or DHCP error.

      If one of these is duplicated on the LAN this can cause this to happen. Also check GP or AD if you are using them for things that isolate the individual computers on the LAN.


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        Vote 1: OH Smeg

        by nexs ·

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        I had seen this quite a number of times in the recent past, and it was an IP conflict issue. Turned out that one of our wireless routers was set accidentally as a domain controller and gave out IP addresses in the wireless range to the cabled machines as well. It happened only to the computers which had not been switched on for a period of time greater than the IP lease period.

        If your issue is not caused by a misdirected DHCP service then it may be solved by a simple “ipconfig /release” then “ipconfig /renew”.

        Best of luck.

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      couple of things

      by mr_m_sween ·

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      check for an enabled service for Windows Search, I’ve noticed some very strange behavior on XP with that recently.

      You also mentioned that this machine was on a domain, it may be something odd in the handling of the Group Policies that are being pulled down. Especially if there are many computer based (rather than user based) individual GP objects. Easy check for this is to have the machine be moved to a GP free org unit and then restart.

      Also, how is it once it gets past that, does the CPU usage seem overly high or the Hard drive seem to have alot of failures? These could both show as extended boot times.

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      it could be as simple as

      by bodonnell11 ·

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      how full is the hard drive you’re booting from? have you checked it for errors? how long is it since you’ve done a disk cleanup or defrag? It just might be as simple as that.

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        thank you

        by systemcheck ·

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        turns out is was an ip conflict, somebody set up a pc with manual config and didn’t place in the reserve dhcp.

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          Good to hear it’s all sorted (nt)

          by nexs ·

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