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Slow starting on domain login....

By qhcomputingny ·
I have a Windows XP Client machine that is running a PIV with 512MB of memory. At startup of the computer upon logging into the domain, the desktop loads, but the taskbar seems to freeze for between 5-10 mins before it is able to be clicked on or used. If you mouse over it before that amount of time has passed, you will just see an hour glass... If you logout of the profile and login with a non-domain profile this doesn't happen. Any ideas? Of the 4 machines on the network, only this machine has this problem. I figured if I configured the DNS on the server properly it may resolve this. I just want to know someone else's opinion on this. Could it be related to something else? Again, this issue only happens when logging into the domain on this one machine, any other local login works fine....

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by jon In reply to Slow starting on domain l ...

Make sure your DNS settings on the local NIC point to the DNS server.

If that doesn't speed up resolution, try eliminating the profile and recreating it. Perhaps it is corrupt???

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by xcode In reply to Slow starting on domain l ...

Check the following:

a. DNS Entry
b. Check any GPOs that you might have implemented across your network. Check the RSoP for this machine and act accordingly.
c. Repair the Network Components (LAN Properties-->Client for MS, File & Printer Sharing, Internet Protocol). Remove n re-install if required.
d. Finally if nothing works, do a repair of the OS and reconfigure.

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by shelli_2005 In reply to Slow starting on domain l ...

Make sure that in the start menu you do not have any shortcuts pointing to a network resource that is not available any more. Check the registry and My Network Places for any dead network links, printers that dont exist, etc. These can cause some of the weirdest behaviors in XP/2000

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