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Slow startup, possibly network related

By buschman_007 ·
I have a user whos startup time on XP is slow. If his laptop is in it's docking station(which is hooked up to my network) then it runs through the startup rather quickly. If he tries to bootup off the docking station, either in stand alone or hooked up to his home network he has a 1-2 minute lag after logging in.

He will log into the same domain profile, but it shouldn't have that long of a lag to figure out that the domain is not accessable and to use the cached profile.

The user mentioned that the startup was fine until he went on a trip with several other execs and the CTO did something to get them all on that network. It sounded like Internet Connection Sharing, but he wasn't real sure. His words were "They were all linked to Matt's machine". Since then he said his bootup time was slow in or out of network.

Last week I went in there did the obvious; msconfig, virus scan, spyware scan, regedit cleanup, scndsk, and defrag. I also went in and looked at his network connections. There were some unneccessary connections in there that I removed. Removing these seemed to help the in network bootup time. But still not the standalone or home network bootup times.

So how can I examine what's going on at startup? I've browsed other slow startup threads and they seem to deal more with resource hogging programs. I can't say that isn't my problem, but I feel it's more of a network issue.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Mike B.

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by ccthompson In reply to Slow startup, possibly ne ...

A few things: You mentioned that it starts up quickly when on the docking station on your network:

I dont know if this will help, but there are 2 harware profiles under your system properties. I had a similiar problem and this is what i did.

First start up docked, go into your hardware profiles, and remove the other profile(undocked). Then shut down, undock and fire up the machine. This will create a new "undocked" profile. I have done this many times, with minimal problems, but.....

A word of caution!!!!!!
In some cases it has been known that a few of your device drivers may screw up after doing this, at least it did for me.

I hope this helps!

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by buschman_007 In reply to

It's taken a while and I wanted to give these answers their just due. Thanks for the suggestions.


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by buschman_007 In reply to Slow startup, possibly ne ...

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