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Slow surfing, Hard drive is constantly running

By pdm_pdq ·
Hi Everyone,
I have the following problem. A few days ago my laptop started taking a really long time to access a web page. Seems like everything takes a long time just in the past few days. When I access a page my hard drive starts running and continutes to run for some time. If i look in the task manger it shows that the system is basicly idle but my hard drive is just running along, meanwhile my web page has to wait on the hard drive to finsh and then finally i get my web page. This only recently started and appears to happen on IE and Mozilla. If i surf another site the hard drive starts turning again and when it stops i get to see my page. Damn this waiting. Any ideas...????

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Scan thy disk, youngling.

by daveo2000 In reply to Slow surfing, Hard drive ...

OK, enough with the Jedi bit.

First, double click on "My Computer" and check out the "Free Space" on your hard drives. If your "C" drive has anything less than a gig free then you probably need to start cleaning up files.

If you haven't taken care of this already then the second thing to do is download Adaware personal version from http://www.lavasoft.de and run the full scan of your system. You may well have a visitor, an electronic tape worm. Evil may lurk withing your innocent system.

You didn't sign up with one of those music sharing sites, did you? A Peer-to-peer network of some type? Might be another thought to consider...

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Same problem....

by piercedtiger In reply to Slow surfing, Hard drive ...

I'm having the same problem with Firefox 2. I keep the task manager up and CPU usage is low or zero, hard drive light is solid, and pages don't load. Sometimes I can alt-tab between applications, sometimes not. It appears to go away for a few hours if I close FF (and make sure it's gone in the task manager).

But it is annoying as ****! I have several tabs open to browse/reference in an email and it slows so bad I can type a full sentence before the characters appear on the screen. Spybot, AVG, AVG Anti-Spyware scans all come back clean. I even have Perfect Disk scheduling automatic defrags.

I have 764mb ram and FF eats up 500+mb at times, and 800+mb of page file space. My guess is it's a memory leak in FF. Not sure about IE 7, unless you just happen to have both open each time you notice a problem.

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I'm not accusing you of this, but if you use P2P software, say so

by ManiacMan In reply to Slow surfing, Hard drive ...

because you'll have to come clean and let us know if you have any P2P or torrent clients running because those are the biggest sources of bandwidth hogs on PCs' and account for the majority of slow PC performance. Also, realize that these clients also invite all sorts of nasty and unwanted things as well, such as malware, adware, and everyone's favorites, spyware and trojans. Disconnect your PC from the internet and run a full virus and spyware scan using free tools like AVG for instance. Also, I recommend you go to your browser and delete cookies and temporary files, even offline files. I simply know from my own experience and from seeing it on other users PCs' that this may indeed be spyware or malware related.

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re: p2p

by piercedtiger In reply to I'm not accusing you of t ...

I use Bitcomet occasionally. Usually as a download manager more than a bittorrent client, and it's closed as soon as it's done. I did spyware removal for my last company so I'm quite good at it. That's not the problem. Further evidence is hard drive activity drops to near zero as soon as FF is shut down.

I guess I'm, personally, looking for a FF tweak or setting change to help keep it from making the hard drive run 100% all the time after it's been open for a few hours.

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Memory may be running low

by HCream In reply to Slow surfing, Hard drive ...

When your PC's memory resource starts running low, Windows will use part of the hard drive as virtual memory.

Before you rush out and buy more memory, take a peek to see what's running in the memory. If you backup & update regularly all by yourself, you should turn off the Windows automatic update & restore to free up some overhead.

Run scan & defrag your hard drive. Then run CCleaner(you can download this handy util from the Internet for free).

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Re: memory

by piercedtiger In reply to Memory may be running low

I agree with not rushing out to get more memory. I have the same issue on my desktop and laptop. Laptop has 768mb ram, desktop has 1gig. The extra ram in the desktop doesn't seem to help as FF just uses up even more.

I just read a CNET review that talked about some new browser based on FF/gecko I think, but it had different settings, etc. After several hours and several tabs the newer version was using a fraction of the memory FF was. Can't remember the name of the other browser now, but it appears to be a memory leak problem with FF.

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