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    Slow System


    by moses16 ·

    I was working on a pc that was having problems after installing SP2, we uninstalled SP2 but the system was really slow afterwards. We noticed in the Task Manager under Processes that an executable file named diskvb.exe was taking most of the resources. Have any one had this problem, if so how do you delete it, because when you try to delete it it just keep coming back. And most spyware removal programs do not recognize it.

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      by rindi1 ·

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      turn off system recovery and then delete it (or move it to another place, in case you need it) in safe mode.

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      by dkzgambo ·

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      right click My Computer, Properties. On System Restore tab, check the box under Turn off system restore. Then do a search of the diskvb file and delete it or store it somewhere temporarily.

      i hopeur helped

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      by jamesrl ·

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      The above answers are valid, but like you I have had programs that reappear even when system restore is disabled, and I have deleted the program many time. And scanned with my multiple spyware tools and anti-virus tools without success.

      I now use a startup manager – go to your favorite download site, like or tucows or whatever and do a search.

      These startup managers allow you to pick and choose, and block, specific files from running at startup.

      Its solved my problem.


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      by wlbowers ·

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      This process will give you a 99% chance of installing Service Pack 2 successfully. Most of the problems that have been reported seem to reflect on the computer having problems prior to the install of the Service Pack.

      1. Turn OFF System Restore. Right Click on My Computer and get Properties. Click on the System Restore Tab and check the box to turn it off.
      2. Update your antivirus and do a full system scan.
      3. Open a command window. (Start/Run Type cmd and press enter). Once the dos window opens type sfc /scannow and press return. This will scan all protected system files and replace those that are damaged or not correct.
      4. Download, Update and run Ad-Aware.
      5. Download, Update and run Spybot.
      6. Download, and Run Stinger.
      7. Download and Run CWShredder.
      8. Install all updates from Microsoft that are available Except Service Pack 2. Hardware updates should be obtained from the Vendor.
      9. Download HijackThis. This program will scan your computer and provide you with a list of the programs and dll?s that load on startup. Go over this list and anything that is not easy to identify do a google search for the executable or dll. You can remove a questionable line entry by checking the box and clicking on fix.
      10. Run the system defragmenter. Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Disk Defragmenter.
      11. Turn on System Restore. See #1.
      12. Create a Restore Point. Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore
      13. Disable your AntiVirus
      14. Install Service Pack 2.
      15. Reinable your Antivirus.

      By doing the above you will at least have a decent chance of success.

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