Slow throughput when copying data between servers

By ogre1996 ·
I have 2 vlans. Each vlan has 4 servers. The VLANS are separated by a pix firewall. Communication is fully open at the firewall level.
When I copy data from server1 on vlan1 to server1 on vlan2 the throughput is OK (60-70MB/sec)When I copy data from server1 on vlan1 to server2 on on vlan2 the throughput is only 2MB. If I copy data from server1 on vlan2 to server2 on vlan2, the throughput is ok (60MB-70MB/sec).

It appears that the problem is only with the server2 on vlan2 when data is being copied over from any server on vlan1.
We have eliminated the cabling and NIC as potential cause
so the only thing left is the firewall. The firewall is configured the same for all the servers and several servers use the same truncated connection to the firewall and have no issues.

We are really puzzeled about this one. Any help is appreciated.

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