Slow to open files folders

By ricky.helmer ·
I have a new computer (1yr) I use at work. Always has up-to-date A/V, spyware, and firewall protection. Ran a scan last night and comes up clean.

Over the past week, I have noticed it takes probably 15-30 seconds to open anything. I had a problem like this before when I right-clicked something, but now it is whenever I open a folder, office file, video, etc. And the computer just hangs until it has finished that process. What can I do?

It doesnt seem to affect internet explorer, but does affect the All Programs list that pops out after hitting the Start button; that too is slow to open

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Do you have mapped network drives?

by w2ktechman In reply to Slow to open files folder ...

If so, it is likely that one of them is not being found. Explorer.exe always tries to check networked drives status when activated.

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by ricky.helmer In reply to Do you have mapped networ ...

Yes I have drives mapped, but I have the setting checked where it does not automatically search for them. If it helps any, I have also ran a registry cleaner with no luck.

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Check the following

by NickNielsen In reply to Slow to open files folder ...

Right click on the drive and open "Properties." At the bottom of the window, look at the "Compress drive to save space" or "Allow indexing service to index this drive" checkboxes; either of these functions will cause your PC to run much slower than normal.

While you are there, run Disk Cleanup, then click on the Tools tab and check the drive for errors and defrag if necessary.

Then download and run SuperAntiSpyware ( to get rid of any spyware you may have

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Slow to open files

by mark.bradley In reply to Slow to open files folder ...

Ive had a very similare problem recently, looked all over google but eventtually seemed to have found my own solutiuon. Where i have found to reslove this problem is in the registry at :


look closely here for it contains a list of all server/workstation that the system you are working on has "seen".
How I solved my problem was to simply delete all "old" entries, in particular a server that had recently been taken off line, once i'd done this the system came back to life, right click was fine, opeing word files was back to about 5 seconds.

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Explorer | Disconnect Network Drives - easier / safer

by 1bn0 In reply to Slow to open files

Windows XP will show network resources that have been accessed under "Dicsonnect Network Drives", even though they have not been accessed through a mapped drive letter.

Resources that are no longer accessable are still mainatined on this list.

"Disconnect" any resource that is no longer available or required. This is easier and safer than editing the registry.

I do this regularly as I frequently as I access user workstations by name or ip address directly. (Help Desk support)

Its faster than mapping drive letters. Ifthings start to slow down I go in and clean up my "Disconnect " list.

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