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Slow web page loading

By dankaren1995 ·
I have just replaced my old Linksys router with a newer one. I have basically copied all the IP info from the old router to the new one, but I still have problems. I have a T1 line connected to the "internet" port of the router and a netnear switch to port 1. Also, 2 work stations and a printer are connected to ports 2 through 4. My work stations (all XP) are able to log on to the server (wins 2003) and do their work as usual, but none of them have fast internet access. It takes about 1 minute to load a page. However, on the server, it only takes about 5 seconds. What could be causing the work stations to have slow internet access but not the server. Every one used to have fast internet access with the old router. Please help.

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by curlergirl In reply to Slow web page loading

One really silly thing that can slow down browsing on workstations is if you have the Internet options setting to automatically detect proxy settings enabled. This slows things down a bit, but not by a minute, but it's something to double-check anyway. This checkbox should NOT be selected on any computer that is not mobile.

Another thing that could be slowing down browsing on the workstations would be DNS settings. Basically, if your internal Win2003 server is running DNS, your workstations' TCP/IP settings should be pointing to this server for DNS resolution. Then, the Win2003 DNS server points to itself in its TCP/IP settings and, ideally, should use your ISP's DNS servers as forwarders, with no recursion, to speed up resolution of external IPs.

If this doesn't make sense to you, or if you aren't running an AD domain with internal DNS, send me an email with the details and I'll try to point to in the right direction.

Hope this helps!

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by dankaren1995 In reply to

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by dankaren1995 In reply to Slow web page loading

Problem unsolved. In addtion to my post, under the "Port Range Forward" this is what's shown:

25 to 25 Both 192.168.5.x (my server ip address)
80 to 80 Both 192.168.5.x (my server ip address)
3389 to 3389 Both 192.168.5.x

as they were from the old router

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by michael In reply to Slow web page loading

Question; are you using the router as the gateway, or the server?

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by NZ_Justice In reply to Slow web page loading

run a packet scanner (something like tcpdump) and check what traffic is going in and out of your line. if you can afford try comview

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