Slow Windows logons

By neilb@uk ·
We've got problems with some of our users having slow logons to our Winders 2003R2 network. This is starting to get us some bad press from the more whiny users - and unfortunately not all of the problem is in user expectation - so The Management have set up a "Slow Logon Task Force".

We're fairly up to speed on checking all of the standard stuff but I'd still appreciate suggestions in case we've missed something obvious but what I'm really after any case histories where you've found something unusual, unexpected and just not obvious. With the fix, of course.

Thumbs will be provided for the interesting. The banal will merely attract scorn. Please feel free to add your applause and request thumbs for the really wild.


The system has around a thousand users but it's our 600 HQ users that we need to troubleshoot. We have a mix of different Dell server but the DCs are all recent boxes with Gb LAN connections. Users have roaming profiles with the profiles held on a W2003 cluster. Workstations are all Dell XPSP2 and no more than a couple of years old. All are on 100Mb LAN connections and the network infrastructure is pretty sound. More information on request.

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Try This (DNS problem)

by dilumd In reply to Slow Windows logons

1000 users means somekind of slow to loggin.

I think this is DNS problem. just try this to one machine.

Remove a pc from the domain and again connect to the domain. when connecting to the domain again, put DNS address. After that try to connect to the domain.

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Probably obvious, but....

by gadgetgirl In reply to Slow Windows logons

(you're getting it anyway!)

have you checked the profile size? I mean comparing the HQ user profile size to the others?

Last time something like this happened where I used to work, they found that a patch or update had added gumph to the user profiles, doubling them in size. (Hey, that's all I can remember, it was around five years ago!)

Best of luck, sweetz, it sounds like you need it!


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Thanks, Gadget

by neilb@uk In reply to Probably obvious, but....

We do have profiles that vary from 10MB up to idiots with a GB or even more when they've copied their wedding pictures to "c:\Documents\and settings\username" but it's not related to that. In 2003 the profiles, network and PC copy, are merged rather than copied entirely - except for the registry hives in NTUSER.DAT.

I'm not involved at the sharp end until someone blames my SAN or my scripts. I'm just helping out and covering my vulnerables and I know what a knowledgeable lot TRers all are. <Insert fawning icon>

I thought of having the thread title "Hepl Pliz" but I reckoned that there was a danger I'd get DIE, DIE SPAMMING SCUM" before anyone noticed.

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Have a thumb

by neilb@uk In reply to Probably obvious, but....

That's you on 13 and Col on 666.

What a pair!


Have fun with the DE...

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Alright Neil as you don't like me sending your Peer Mails

by OH Smeg In reply to Slow Windows logons

I've logged in here to your questions.
Send me a E-Mail if you need any help here


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Hey, Col. I LIKE emails

by neilb@uk In reply to Alright Neil as you don't ...

Billy Nomates, that's me. Getting a peer mail is good for my ego!

Here's the mail I sent you by reply, half an hour after I got your peer mail.



Thanks for that. I've not been involved in the search for an answer yet. I reckon it's been happening for a long time and we're all (finally!) being asked to contribute ideas. Could be profiles, DNS, GPOs, scripts or any combination of them all or none of them. I'm trying to get a few suggestions up front while I wait for the guy who is managing the search gets back with anything he has so far about who, when and how long. Until I get the chance to see the scope of the problem and if there are patterns, I'm not going to get stressed. If I find patterns and no-one else has spotted them, I'll get annoyed.

We don't have NAS, only our SAN - which works fine - and the performance indicator software would soon show up any bottlenecks. Backup is long over on everything by 7am. I have a 7-7 window that slams shut on any overruns.

Don't answer on the thread as Hal. I might give you a thumb and with Beth gone, Tammy might not be able to fix it. 667 doesn't look so good. "The Number Of The Beast's Next Door Neighbour" just doesn't hack it!



See! Peer Mails not a problem!


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Actually, Col, I'm slightly less inclined to help

by neilb@uk In reply to Alright Neil as you don't ...

This is what the guy heading up the "task force" had to say when I asked him for the problem scope and what had been done so far.


No formal evidence gathering has been done thus far. But we are aware that we?ve got a lot of unhappy punters out there.

I am also keen not to discount any area because ?Someone must have checked that before?.


So, nobody has done anything or no documentation has been kept of the story so far and we have to redo (or do for the first time) all of the tests that should have been done MONTHS ago? I reckon you do that sort of Mickey Mouse investigation without me.

Suggestions still welcome though.


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network printers

by Magic Alex In reply to Actually, Col, I'm slight ...

slow to connect/disconnect network printers?
I find my terminal server has a lot of difficulty with HP printers and the driver issues can cause log ons to take forever, and log offs as well leaving a copy of the printer on the server even tho the client that it was associated too has disconnected.

I've found that during a delayed log on/log off to the terminal server, if i restart the print spooler service the client in question will stop hanging instantly.

I understand that your users are probably just logging into their workstations but it could be a similar issue

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Thanks, I'll add that to the list of things to check

by neilb@uk In reply to network printers
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Neil are you sure that this isn't a Government Department?

by OH Smeg In reply to Actually, Col, I'm slight ...

It sure sounds like one to me. I remember one Government Department here who called in their IT Section and they spent months trying to solve a problem and never tested anything at all.

Not sure how they expected to actually fix the problem maybe they just hoped it would go away or those complaining would see a lot of silly fools running around and stop complaining.

Neither Worked and when I got called in it took 2 days to test and 10 minutes to fix the problem. Of course one of my staff went there first and messed around knowing full well what was wrong but he didn't want to show up the Governments Techs. As he used to work with some of them I suppose that was his reason but I think that the Bureaucrat at this department had told their IT Staff that this wasn't acceptable and when they heard the same thing from me they had to accept it as they where loosing too much time & that is something that is almost impossible to happen with any Government Department. This same crowd will pay 3 times the cost of a new printer to have it repaired because they don't have the money left in their budget for new printers.

No I'm not going there any more as it still hurts when I think of that place.


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