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    Slow windows XP


    by haffmans ·

    Hi there,

    I’ve several new notebooks (Pentium M, 256Mb)equiped with windows XP. After a while (without installing new software) the new machines become slower and slower. The even come far below the speed of their previous PIII 128Mb brothers. It seems something in Windows XP, but even quiting startup services and applications doesn’t speed up de machines. What is happening? Why is XP slowing down after a while?


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      cookies might be pluging up the bandwidth

      by lawrephord199 ·

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      cookies might be pluging up the bandwidth

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      I posted this earlier, but…

      by r3d ·

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      First, startup of windows 2000 and XP can slow down due to large files in your profile as well as not enough memory. Try migrating files on the desktop and “My Documents” to a folder outside of your profile, like c:\my_stuff. Also, change the cache size on internet explorer to a more manageable size. Default is 10% of existing space on your primary drive. if your drive is 120gb, the you have a way over-bloated cache of 12gb. That is truly unacceptable, even for MS. also try defragging your primary drive and getting rid of spyware. spyware that gets loaded on your system (sometimes without your knowledge) can keep running in the background taking up resources your system needs. Try AdAware at Next, run a chkdsk on the primary drive and then clean out the registry of unneeded entries. you will need to find a good program as my free one is no longer available as a free download. But it works great… Finally, delete any foreign profiles or unneeded profiles from your system. if you are an admin, you can check the folders for files and sotware that you may need first, but get rid of profiles you no longer need. Do not delete it if you don’t know what you are doing or don’t have a backup either. Now you can delete the c:\winnt(windows)\temp folder. It houses temporary items you probably do not need anymore. if all this is done, reboot twice to clean out the memory and reset the registry and see if this doesn’t help speed things up a bit…

      Good luck!


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