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Slow WinXP performance @ remote location

By Neuromancer ·
I work for a consulting company that does work for small businesses. At one businesses we support they have 2 remote offices that are connected to the main office via Cisco PIX tunnels over DSL. All the servers are located at the main office and most work at the remotes are done via Terminal Services.
We just recently got a new system in, a Dell Windows XP box with a 2.66 GHz P4 and 256 MB RAM. We did our standard setup and testing of the box at the main office on the same LAN as the server. This included setting up the box and testing Terminal Services. Everything worked fine and dandy there, quite fast.
Then we brought the box out to the remote office where it was to be installed. This is the first Windows XP box we have put in at a remote office. Most of the other are running Windows 2000 Pro, though some still running Windows 98 SE. We dropped in the box and booted it up, and everything seemed to be OK. When we logged in (over the tunnel to the DC), we didn't see the log in script. At first we assumed it just went by so fast we never saw it. We were surprised when a few minutes later it finally started, and took forever to do the mappings. Other boxes had never showed this problem.
We tried installing some scanning software (Paperport) and hooking up the scanner, but that went horribly slow as well. Once it was installed, it would take 5+ mins to start the program up. Other machines start this program up in a snap.
Most everything else on this system also seems to run really slow. One thing that does seem to work fine though is Terminal Services. TS takes a bit to start up, but once it's going there are no noticable performance problems inside TS.
We thought it might be related to something over the network, since it worked fine in the LAN environment but not when it had to go through the DSL tunnel. We have disabled Offline Files and set the DNS to go to the server. Any ideas what could be causing such slow performance on the XP box at a remote location?

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