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Slow wireless network

By medic755 ·
I recently bought an 802.11g wireless access point and card to connect my laptop to my home network. When I first connect to the wireless network, I am at full speed (54Mbs) but that quickly drops to 1 or 2 Mbs, sometimes as high as 11 Mbs at times. My signal strength is Very Good to Excellent and I am less than 50 feet from the WAP.

Laptop runs XP Pro. Network is 100BaseTX Ethernet, cable modem router. 2 computers plus the WAP into the cable modem router.

Any ideas what might be killing my speed?

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Slow wireless network

by road-dog In reply to Slow wireless network

There are a couple of possibilities such as electromagnetic interferance and other environmentals.

You might not want to waste too much time bughunting, as even 1-2 MBPS is still a lot faster than your Internet connection. The only real impact ofa slower speed wireless scenario as you describe it might be in the arena of LAN gaming(probably not) or file transfer between hosts (depends on amount of transfers).

In other words, this is probably not a problem but an anomaly.

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Slow wireless network

by medic755 In reply to Slow wireless network

I may have solved the problem. I checked the Lynksys website (maker of WAP) and there was a firmware update available. I installed that and now seem to have better speeds. I'm now usually between 36 & 54 Mbs.

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