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Slow XP & Network

By BlackDiamond ·

We are putting in about 700 new systems running XP w SP2.

As these systems are put into place, the users are complaining of slowness. When logging in, when browsing the network, opening applications, when trying to open Office files basically everywhere it is slow.

Will try to give a somewhat standard config.

XP w SP2
McAfee 8.0
Office 2003
Adobe Acrobat 7
WinZIP 10
1 GB Mem
80 GB HD
CPU 2.8 Dual Core
Broadcom NetXtreme GB Ethernet

More info as requested.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Slow XP & Network

What if the file is local to the machine not on the network? If it is slow only on the network, make sure that the switch that the Broadcom NIC is plugged into is set correctly, auto/auto 1000/full etc. And that the config for the NIC is set to match. Also, could the PC's be downloading windows updates at the same time being new?

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by BlackDiamond In reply to Slow XP & Network


All files are saved to the network. When opening a word doc using the browse window it is slow even to open the window and allow you to use the drop down arrow.

Updates are disabled on the PCs we use Shavlik to push out updates.

I know the cards are set to auto, not sure about switches or routers, I will check that. We have set several NICs to 100 or 1000 full depending on the hardware available in their location.

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by foiled In reply to Slow XP & Network

Wow, could be alot of things. You need to start eliminating possibilities.

How is your network setup? How many users on each subnet? If all 700 on same network then that is your problem.

Check DNS. It can bring a network to a crawl if not setup properly. Try pinging by name and see how long it takes to get a response.

Do you have a bad nic chattering on the network? See if your switch lights are lighting up like a xmas tree. Remove clients until you can isolate what leg they are on.

Do you have a global catalogue on the lan or only over a wan.

Supply more info and then it will be easier to help trobleshoot.

Good Luck

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by georgeou In reply to Slow XP & Network

Show me your MSconfig for the following.

Service tab with "Hide All Microsoft Services" checked. What services are left?

Then list all the startup services.

How many drives are you mapping?

What is the configuration of your Active Directory server? Hardware and software wise?

How deep is your OU tree structure in Active Directory.

These are some of typical issues. If you can answer them, I'll take a look and let you know what you can do.

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by larryhyman In reply to Slow XP & Network

Did you ever think of replacing McAfee 8.0 with something more robust like AVG (not free but paid) most av programs like McAfee 8.0 and Norton can make a fast computer grind to a halt....

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by zlitocook In reply to Slow XP & Network

First There?s a common problem in Windows XP that can make network browsing very slow.
If the 'My Network Places' folder contains a shortcut to a network share,not a mapped drive, then each refresh of the explorer window will attempt to read icon information from every file in the remote location, causing the system to slow to a crawl.
Removing all shortcuts from 'My Network Places'and mapping the drive or do it with a logon script will return the system response to normal.
Every time you open a file via a UNC name, Windows XP will automatically add another shortcut to the 'My Network Places' folder - so the issue tends to get worse over time.
You can prevent the automatic addition of shortcuts by setting HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer\NoRecentDocsNetHood to 1.
What routers and switches do you use? Have you updated and configered them to block all the bad things? Was every thing setup and updated before you connected to the internet?
The reasion I ask is that a network can be taken in less then ten minutes by a trojan, hacker or botnet.
Slow network can be any thing from a miss configered router to a server with a corrupt DNS table.

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by BlackDiamond In reply to Slow XP & Network


These systems are all replacement systems to Windows 2000 PCs where they have no problems. If we remove the slow XP system and put the original 2000 system back in its place there is no slowness.

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by BlackDiamond In reply to Slow XP & Network


Still Working on respsonses.



iSeries Access for Windows
InstallDriver Table Manager
McAfee Framework Service
Network Associates McShield
Network Associates Task Manager
Machine Debug Manager
MVIDIA Display Driver Service
Office Source Engine

Mapping 5 - 7 Drives
We are running three AD servers all 2000
OU has less that 20 resources

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