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SLOWWWWWW computer

By gameboygeek46 ·
I have a compaq contura with 16mb ram 1 gb hard drive and win 98. It it makes a snail ook fast. Is there anything i can do to it without taking it a part?

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by willcomp In reply to SLOWWWWWW computer

Go play somewhere else.

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by Black Panther In reply to SLOWWWWWW computer

Maybe can be used just to access the internet - and some word processing.

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by dragonbill In reply to SLOWWWWWW computer

From the specs you give, this machine is not good for much but basic word processing and maybe some internet browsing.

If you wanted to make the machine do some basic controls that required a DOS machine, then this would be a good use for it.

Otherwise, it's time to upgrade, i.e. buy a new machine.


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by BFilmFan In reply to SLOWWWWWW computer

You could do the following with that system:

Give it to a senior citizen center so they could do basic web browsing and email.

You could use it as a door stop.

You could donate it to a school for their museum of technology that ran on the 486 chip.

You could use it as a training device to learn DOS.

You could use it as an example of how bad you had it as a kid lugging that monstrosity around to class while your grandkids roll their eyes in horror. Please note that you are required to state that you were 4 foot tall and walked to school in 5 foot of snow uphill in both directions.

You could use it as a boat anchor; although, I cannot guarantee continued operation as an electronic device due to its not being waterproof.

You could use it as a self-defense device in the event of an attack by a land shark.

You could make your own Internet film feature entitled "The Sledge-O-Matic versus the Compaq Contura." Please note that this will be a very short film of about 2 minutes viewing time.

Best of luck discovering interesting ways to illustrate being a proud owner of a Compaq Contura.

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by yornthadude In reply to SLOWWWWWW computer
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by araxis In reply to SLOWWWWWW computer

sveral ideas --

You could simply add more memory. A machine that old
the type of memory it uses is not that expensive but the performance gains would be noticeable.


My Favorite---

Strip it softwarewise... Install linux from cd -- Turn it into a firewall... Connect it to your internet connection & let it do all of the filtering of internet **** before it hits a windows machine.. Have put many a old machine back into service in this role..


-Know somthing about Linux?
-If not..Go here --->
-If yes go there anyway its worth a look

-Have another computer you use exclusively to access the internet.

-Hub,Router etc to put your new Linux Firewall on.

otherwise I like the other guy on here have put many a old desktop back into service as a doorstop :)!

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by HereInOz In reply to SLOWWWWWW computer

Apart from all of the above, format the drive and install Windows 95 on it. That will work OK in 16MB RAM. 98 was never designed for less than 24MB and you are lucky that it even works.

So before you give it to the senior citizen, bung 95 on the thing and at least give them something that works.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to SLOWWWWWW computer


Here are some basic steps you may want to take. Some of them will help speed up your machine, some are purely cosmetic and will give the appearance of speeding up the machine...

Make a backup of your important data before following any of these steps

Boot into safe mode or to a command prompt and run scandisk.
Increase the data transfer speed between your drive and your RAM by enabling DMA on your hard drive - note though that not all drives support DMA and you can end up with a slower machine if your drive does not support it. You can change the DMA settings in Device Manager or in the BIOS.
If you have MS-Office installed try removing OSA and Findfast from the Startup programs.
View and then delete (those that are safe to delete), the following files: ~wrl*.tmp, ~*.*, _*.*, *.??_, *.avi, *.mov, *.---, *.bak, *.chk, *.log, *.old, *.prv, *.wbk, -$.doc
Reduce the amount of space required by the Recycle Bin.
Turn off window animation and menu pause: HKCU\controlpanel\desktop\windowmetrics\MinAnimate string value=1 and HKCU\controlpanel\desktop\MenuShowDelay value=1
Disable the default search for floppy drives on boot-up: Control panel, System, performance tab, file system button, floppy disk tab and clear the checkmark
Only allow essential programs to automatically start when the PC boots - look in Start>Programs>Startup, Load= or Run= lines in win.ini, autoexec.bat, config.sys and HKLM\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run and same path from HKCU\...
Use Add/Remove programs to uninstall applications not required and uninstall Windows components you do not use.
Reduce display resolution.
Reduce the number of colours used for the display
Remove wallpaper
Disable Active Desktop

Once you have pared your system down to the bare essentials run defrag.

The best way to speed up your system will be to insert more RAM. Generally, 64MB is the minimum for a happy Win98.

Good luck!

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by statykserver In reply to SLOWWWWWW computer

All I can say is that they make memory sticks that hold more data than your pc can and they can play mp3, fm radio, and record voice ...... it might be time to upgrade that computer. Just a thought.

In case your interested in that memory stick here is the link

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