sluggish internet connection and slow displaying of content

By jrgeek ·
Domain workstation IE 8 connection sluggish and extremely slow displaying web content.

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history folder

by whatzup In reply to sluggish internet connect ...

Do you have a virus or some sort of malware? Have you run your anti-virus software? try running another one, like malwarebytes.

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So have you checked the connection with another computer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to sluggish internet connect ...

That you know works?

Things could very well be directly related to your computer at that station.


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Same Problem - Solution is here

by speedy516 In reply to sluggish internet connect ...

I had a similar problem with IE 8 - switched to Chrome "What a difference in speed and refresh"
The only issue is some sites still do not support Chrome - E.G. my electric company, so when I want to pay my bill on line I have to call up IE, otherwise I stick to Chrome and it is a pleasure and "FAST".

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Please try some more troubleshooting.

by cpguru21 In reply to sluggish internet connect ...

As Col suggested, try another computer on the same network. This will help determine if the problem is isolated to your machine, or if its, say, your internet connection. However this is not rule out your computer as the culprit.

The possible options are:
Your computer - software related virus/malware, too many things running in the background, a virus scan happening, a hardware issue.
Your network/internet - another computer on your network is streaming a lot of data, anther computer has a virus that is utilizing all or most of the bandwidth, your internet provider having problems, your router/modem needs a reboot.

And so on.

As you can see this can be something fairly easy to identify or not.

After trying Col's suggestion and both machines are sluggish, I would try rebooting your router and or modem. If not resolved, I would try a different web browser on your pc. From there you could try a virus software to scan for viruses.

Report back with updates and for additional help as you go and good luck.

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