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    Small Buisness Server 03


    by lee.r.baker ·

    Hi All

    basically I am trying a migration from one SBS to another for new Hardware. I have got all the FSMO roles transfered, I had to force the schema. The exchange mailboxes are all in .pst form and all data moved.

    My problem I unplug the old server no one can log on. Plug it back in as a GC everybody works.

    If I DCpromo the server out, when i start it the old server says it is last server in the network. If I chance it will it work?

    DNS and DHCp are running on the new server and all working.

    I know that swing migration is the preferred way, but the customer does nto have a spare server and have asked me to do this.

    any thoughts?

    Oh and everything looks good on the AD as well.

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      by lee.r.baker ·

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      by ctmoore1998 ·

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      Hopefully you followed the instruction in MS KB 830253 for migrating a SBS server. If you still have the migration tool installed you can hopefully still migrate the computer accounts as it sounds that you haven’t done this.

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      how did you migrate?

      by cg it ·

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      transfering FSMO roles isn’t really the best way to migrate. Swing migration is the best way even if all you do is create a new server name, netbios name, for the new server and just use ADMT and Exmerge.

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