Small Business 6 users. What is best server/hardware/software recommended?

By jeeyo ·

Starting a new office and need to set up a new server to be used by about 10 to 15 users. I need something that will allow me to have

1. Remote access for users share my quickbooks and sage act software and use

2. Remote desktop via a web address so tht it can be accessed from anywhere.

3. Emails that can be redistributed- like internally for employees and internal msging

5. also a system where people log on and their online drive shows up on any client. Like if I sit in another room and put in my user name and password it give me access to my virtual drive.

What hardware for server and clients would you recommend for all this. I know it sounds like a lot but im sure there is something that can work this.



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Consider SBS2008

by philldmc In reply to Small Business 6 users. W ...

Have you considered Small business Server 2008?

As for remote access I generally don't allow direct access to the server, I have my users use Gotomypc, etc. or set up a VPN connection.

Also Small Business Server Premium edition allows for a second server 2008 that you could use as a terminal server for your users. I'm not sure if SBS2008 includes terminal licensing.

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Going forward

by jeeyo In reply to Consider SBS2008

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the timely reply. Basically I am looking to optimize my office with simple backups in place for files used. I have to buy a server and then configure SBS2008. Do you know how it works with email distribution. And steps to configure. Yes I can use VPN or use Team Viewer or similar?!

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How it works with email distribution.

by seanferd In reply to Going forward

You'd be using Exchange, then.

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Re;Small Business 6 users

by ameack In reply to Small Business 6 users. W ...

As suggested try with SBS 2008 its should do the need.
As per the VPN its not wise to to connect it directly to the Server.
Well also its not wise to use gotomypc or teamveiwer, I think its not secured.
Instead why dont you try using a cisco ADSL router and try channeling it through different VLANS. when accessing VPN.
In that way you will still have your virtual drive if you are connecting from home.

For the email give them OWA access so that they dont have VPN to the server back to check 1 email.

Hope that helps

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Cost of it all

by jeeyo In reply to Re;Small Business 6 users

Thanks. I looked at the prices and it is quite expensive to run that just for 6 users. Is it better to be able to do this on peer to peer running maybe xp pro. Or Windows home server? With a dedicated server.

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Are you non-profit?

by philldmc In reply to Cost of it all

Are you non-profit? if so check out

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This is not non profit_ small trading business for textiles

by jeeyo In reply to Are you non-profit?

We are for profit

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Those are the MS prices, as far as software goes.

by seanferd In reply to This is not non profit_ s ...

Because of the applications you use, you're going to have to use a Windows environment.

If you just want to network a bunch of XP computers, you'll need a decent router, especially for the off-site access. You'll also have to find a different email solution if you want to run an in-house email server (but what would be the point with only 6 users, so you may as well just skip that.)

You can actually set up XP as a server, or skip a central server entirely.

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Have a peer to peer running since the last 10 years

by jeeyo In reply to Those are the MS prices, ...

Been on a peer to peer but I have installed Act by sage and use UPS and want it to be accessed between all comps including a central calender to log appointments. Im just not sure how to go it with so many option. Used to use lotus notes but now outlook. I need an inexpenisve solution>


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