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    Small business and new technology


    by deborah.sabatelli ·

    I need information for a research paper I am doing. The subject is Small Business and what technological challenges they are facing now and it the next two-three years. Example, lan connectivity, voice mail, laptop usage, training, etc. Any comments or info would be greatly appreciated.

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      electrical / electronical firms / Europe

      by barty2be ·

      In reply to Small business and new technology

      I am a almost graduated student (BS electric & electronic, specialasation computer and automation) and I’ve seen at the firms where I did my internschip that….

      Firms specialiased in automation will, in future, upgrade their excisting automation products (like a PLC, microcontrollers, etc.) with an extra network unit so that the chiefs sitting at home can still monitor the machine park. So the situation on the workfloor will be accesible by any employee at home. He shall see, before he goes to work, if his machine is available, how productive were they, status of the machine, etc ….

      also, in future will these automation units automatically sent a warning MAIL if it feels that something is going wrong .
      with or without it’s specs.

      The whole machine park ( all the automation products) will be integrated with a LAN network(ethernet or some other) so we have virtual machinepark of a factory accesible by internet.

      hope it answers your question


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