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Small business backup solutions

By sarahmcm ·
I have a number of clients who have 2-5 pc's and whose businesses depend on their pc data. I want to offer an excellent backup methodology to these clients.
So far: love USB Hard Drives as backup media.Hate tape, as the purpose of backing up is to provide a fast, reliable means of RESTORING data should it be needed. And tape ain't fast.

We're OK with using scheduled Windows Scripts to prompt the user to load the right removable drive (catchily named "Monday", "Tuesday", ...), copy specified folders onto the removable drive, write a log, and remind the user to take the backup offsite.

But what we don't have yet is a nice interface to allow the user a graphical selection of folders/files to back up. Is there a Scripting genius out there who can let me know how to reference an ActiveX control that will display a tree view of folders & files, allow the user to check or uncheck any file or folder, and return a string of file and folder names???

Many thanks

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by djent In reply to Small business backup sol ...

You may hate tape but it is still the best option. As a reseller I need to put my customers interests first and reliable recovery is a top priority.

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by kmcdonnell In reply to

I agree to a point with the last post. Tape allows you to control the scalabiity and future proofing of your clients DR requirements far better than you can with your current HD senario.

If you bite the bullet and provide a tape solution to your clients then you can concentrate on providing your core services rather than having to think about the UI to the solution that you have implemented.

This is not to say that SCSI, USB HD senarios dont work. They do, but generally in high storage environments.

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SMB Backups

by asaxton In reply to Small business backup sol ...

If you are using USB type devices to provide backup solutions for each individual client computer, you should consider how much money is being spent on (1) the devices being used, and (2) the time employed and fact that when dependent upon the end user to plug in the device.

My scenario is very similar to yours. We do run a small, dedicated file server with a tape drive. Yes, tape drives are more reliable and hold more data. I set up each client computer with a very small batch backup program to define what files/folders get copied to the server. Then using the tape drive at scheduled times at night, I backup every users files. This essetially gives me two copies. One on the server for immediate use to quickly restore an end user, and one on Tape in case of total disaster. Because I use batch/scripts to run everything unattended, I spend about 5 minutes a day changing tapes and ensuring the backups are made. With proper tape rotation, you will also protect yourself in case of serious virus infections.

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