Small Business Server 2003 drive mapping

By darrin_3121 ·
I have windows small business server 2003 in a workgroup with 14 devices. I have one drive shared to the network. When I try to map the
" client " machine to the server it refuses to do so. I can see the server and the rest of the workgroup from the map drive menu but i am unable to click on the server machine. I right click the server listed and hit properties to recieve an error stating i do not have appropriate access rights for this server. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Workgroup or Domain?

by NormH3 In reply to Small Business Server 200 ...

SBS when configured by default is a domain controller. Are your PC's really in a workgroup, or are they part of the SBS domain?

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by darrin_3121 In reply to Workgroup or Domain?

Everyone was already in a workgroup and I just made the SBS part of the same workgroup.I was however able to map from the server to any client.

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by darrin_3121 In reply to Workgroup or Domain?

Everyone was already in a workgroup so I just added the SBS to the same workgroup. I was, however, able to map from the server to any client, just not vice versa.

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by NormH3 In reply to workgroup

As mentioned previously, when SBS is installed on a server, by default it is the primary domain controller. The only way to get around this, is to demote it after the install is complete. Is this how your environment is set up, or when the SBS box was configured did you name the domain the same as your workgroup?

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by darrin_3121 In reply to Clarification..

It is in its default configuration freshly installed. It was not Demoted. In the System properties, computer name tab i just seletected the workgroup option and joined. I could try to demote with the dcpromo utility correct?

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Take it slow..

by NormH3 In reply to Default

We need to think this through prior to running dcpromo or any other commands where major changes are made. I am confused by the "workgroup option" that you refer too. What I do know, is if you named the Domain on the SBS box the same as the workgroup of the PC's, you are part way there. To properly access shares on the SBS box, you will need to create user names and passwords on the server that match the user/name passwords that were created on the PC's. Once that is done, you should be able to access shares that have been properly set up with appropriate permissions.

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workgroup option

by darrin_3121 In reply to Take it slow..

What I mean is on the menu that you choose to join a domain or workgroup, i selected workgroup and gave it the same name as the existing one. Now, what you are suggesting is to make the SBS the DC of a domain with the same name as the workgroup? Then I would try adding the users accounts to "users" in the computer management console correct? Im sort of conufused how the DC would communicate with a workgroup.

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SBS and Workgroup

by NormH3 In reply to workgroup option

I have never configured a 2003 SBS box to belong to a workgroup and I am not sure why you would do that. SBS is designed to be a DC and allow SMB's to run Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint, File/print sharing and a host of other server packages on a single platform. If in fact it is configured in a workgroup, I will assume that AD and all the other capabilities are not available to you.
In any event, I would think if you created a couple local users to mirror those of the workstations, you should be able to share folders as long as the proper permissions for those users are confugured. maybe someone else on board here has other thoughts.

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