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Small Business Server error message

By jee ·
Hi everyone,

I hope you can help me.

One of our laptop users for a long time now has been getting a message come up each time she boots up saying that SBS is trying to set up her computer on the network and failing.

I think this problem mayhave started when I tried to change her computer name as it was not the name I wanted (all desktop PCs are 10xx whereas I wanted mobile PCs to be 20xx). I don't belive I have a record of what the name was before, or I'd try and change it back.

The SBS setup message is in her Startup group, but each time I remove it - it comes back again the next time the laptop boots.

The user and I are getting rather exasperated now, and I would value your help. Her PC runs Windows 98 and the network is running SBS 4.5.


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Re :Small Business Server error message

by megatazz In reply to Small Business Server err ...

It's been a little while since I've worked with SBS 4.5, but I did have a similar problem occur a time or two. My first question is are you creating startup disks from within SBS and installing them on the desktop/laptop computers? If so, have youtried creating a new disk with the computer name you want to use? As for the setup message reappearing. Have you gone into Add/Remove programs? I think the setup program is listed in there. Hopefully this will maybe give you some direction. Good luck!

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by john.whiting In reply to Small Business Server err ...

Try this - delete the computer account from the server and create a new computer on the server, create a setup disk (although this is not further required). On the laptop, change from a domain to a workgroup in Control Panel/Network. Boot the laptop. Then change back to a domain with the computer name created above on the server. This should work.

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Small Business Problem

by gil In reply to Small Business Server err ...

When you install clients through the sbs console it adds an install script to the login of every user so teh server can push down software like outlook or the fax sharing client or the ISA client if this is sbs2000. To disable this go into active dir. users and computers and take out the smallbiz login script and add your own to map drives and printers and things.

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