Small Business Server hangs

By bjorn ·
I have a client that has a SBS 2003 r2 prem. That hangs on "prepearing nettwork connections". Have tried hard turnoff by powerbutton, but still hangs itself. What to do?

PS.. this came after a power outage, but have ups APC Back EV 875 on and IBM x3200

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Re: Small Business Server hangs

You might have to reset the connection(s) on the network. Or your router(s) or switch(s) might be out, so check these to see if they are working. Hope this helps you. Please post back if you have anymore problems.

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Maybe some issue after the crash

If some information has been lost after the power fault you may experience when the SBS is applying local GPOs. Try logging on the server in "Safe mode" without network support and verify if the event log (both application and system) reports any errors. Maybe a GPO is corrupted or the DNS is faulting. Try fixing the issues or consider recovering the System State from the most recent backup.

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boot to safe mode

by CG IT In reply to Small Business Server han ...

without networking check the event viewer logs for errors. see what they say.

then disable the NIC, reboot. go into system BIOS, disable wake on lan if enabled. Save settings and continue with boot. see if it hangs. If it doesn't hang, log on, enable the NIC. do a shutdown [not restart]. power on, reenable Wake on LAN in the BIOS if you need it, see if system hangs.

If the system still hangs, try uninstall and reinstall drivers. Might have corrupted drivers.

If that doesn't work try a new nic.

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Thanks.. new problem

by bjorn In reply to boot to safe mode

That helped, som drivers issues. But now I have a new problem. Users can't go online, everything else, seems to work anyway, ... but not the internet. Have internet on the server, and it works great there.

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new installation?

by sgt_shultz In reply to Thanks.. new problem

this sounds like a new installation not quite properly set up. you will need to remove the root hint in your dns and create a forwarder to your isp's dns server.
it is a well documented issue.
search for sbs2003 'no internet'

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no need for reinstall

by bjorn In reply to new installation?

The server has been working, but after the outage of power, it hanged, got it up again, users can log in, but no surf the net.

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rerun the CEICW

by CG IT In reply to Thanks.. new problem

CEICW = Configure Email and Internet Connection Wizard

on the SBS box, don't try to manually configure internet connections. Always use the CEICW. If you change NIC addresses or any properties, no matter which NIC, Run the CEICW.

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Fountain of Information

by sgt_shultz In reply to rerun the CEICW

thank you (again!) CG

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by CG IT In reply to Fountain of Information

SBS is a pretty good small business AD based network. MS has made configuring it really easy with Wizard.

you'll see lots of Wizard in Windows Server 2008. Lots more features that build upon Server Management in W2003 server.

The downside is that new IT tech only need to learn which wizard to run to configure the box. Not how the service works, what it's for, how to manually configure it like in NT or W2K. Makes troubleshooting for those who don't know the details tough.

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