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Small Business Server & WINS

By shaun_davies ·
I am installing small business server 2000. When setting up WINS in DHCP i set up 46 NBT mode and it defaults to ox1 and not oxh (hybrid) mode as before with W2K or NT4. Any ideas what the difference is or is this better. Microsofts site isn;t that helpful and this is the first time i have used small business server.



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Small Business Server & WINS

by NetTek In reply to Small Business Server & W ...

When you configure DHCP with the node type, it will tell the client, "This is how to resolve names to IP addresses."

0x1 = B-node = Broadcast only.
0X2 = P-node = Use only an NBNS (NetBIOS Name Server) server (WINS, DNS).
0X4 = M=node = Use broadcast. If broadcast fails, use an NBNS server.
0x8 = H-node = Use an NBNS server. If that fails, broadcast.

You want to continue to set your DHCP to use H-node in Windows 2000, as you did in NT.

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Small Business Server & WINS

by shaun_davies In reply to Small Business Server & W ...

Thanks see also below which I got off the small business server newsgroup
For SBS 2k it's recommended this node type should acutally be 0x8, not 0x1
as specified in many release notes.

Why? Taken from a post here in March by a frequent poster -

Anything but 0x8 is a waste of energy when you have an SBS domain.

You have by definition a WINS server if you want, a DNS server (in SBS 2000)
if you have DNS compliant OS workstations.

0x8 will resolve by broadcast if you have not information "cached" in either
DNS, WINS or LMHOSTS, so you won't be lacking for access to a computer that
exists but hasn't been identified yet.

Given that DNS normally should update to WINS, and vice versa, this means
that If the SBS has "seen" a workstation before, it will remember it, and in
an SBS size network, the workstation will reappear at the same IP in most
situation. The exception is the remote connection via RAS or VPN. This is
where the LhmoST or Wins/DNS static entry is your only hope because
broadcast is useless.

My interpretation has always been that the other options other than H-node
are designed to increase response time when you KNOW that you don't have a
WINS/DNS server, or you know that the WINS/DNS info is likely to be out of
date. This only happens in very odd situations, not SBS.

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Small Business Server & WINS

by shaun_davies In reply to Small Business Server & W ...

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