small gwbasic window in vista / dos

By b525143-leedo1927-3246 ·
my gwbasic window in vista/dos is much to tiny to allow reading screens. I have...
1) tried to make the window larger by "dragging" the corner of the window and by going into properites and asking for a larger screen. Neither method has any effect on the window size.
2) Tried to install xp and me to get a large window that way. Vista even suggests this method but then cites compatibility issues and stops the installation. Vista then suggests going on line to get a solution. But, once you are on line there is none.

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Additional DOS fonts

by datadoc In reply to small gwbasic window in v ...

I solved this problem by ourchaing a license for additional DOS fonts from Uwe Seiber. He has a shareware one called newDOS.FON. A full description can be found at

I have used his full set of fonts for the past 8 years with absolutely no problems. Once installed, you can right click the DOS icon in the upper left of your open DOS window, select properties and then fonts. A lot more fonts will now be available to expand the size of the screen.

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Full Screen Toggle

by csitprof In reply to Additional DOS fonts

Use ALT+Enter to toggle DOS window to full screen. It is a toggle so you can press ALT+Enter to get back to windows. Then you can enjoy GWBasic as it was designed to be.

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