Small home based computer support company looking to grow.

By Nexusphreez ·
I run a small computer support company out of my home that I started a little over a year ago. Going from moonlighting on the side to quiting my full time job to do this because the number of clients I had was growing. My current clients love the work I do and love my quick response times and how quickly I get them up and going when they have an issue.

Right now, it does not seem like my company is getting anywhere quickly and the amount of revenue that my company produces is not enough to keep it afloat. Right now we are charging hourly for our support. One hour minimum for on-site. I do phone and remote support as well. That gets charged in 15 minute increments. I am working on offering retainer contracts as well, but have not implemented them yet. I feel that doing retainers is going to help my company out a great deal. I have read a lot of the material on TR and that has helped out a lot. I guess my question is, is there any advice that the people of TechRepublic can give me to help grow my company?

I do a lot of cold calling to companies because that seems to give me the best return on investment vs. doing mailers or advertising in a magazine or something like that. I want to be able to hire someone to manage a lot of the office day to day stuff so I can focus on growing my business, but I have no money to do so.

I want to attract some larger clients that have 20 or more computers, but I need some advice as to what these types of companies are looking for in the way of IT support. Do they prefer someone who offers retainer contracts? What do they look for in a contracted IT company?

Like I said, I am at a point where I feel I need some advice on how to move forward with my company.
Thanks ahead of time.

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I've always found the best form of Advertising

by OH Smeg In reply to Small home based computer ...

IS word of mouth. If the clients that you have are happy with your work they tell their friends and so on and from personal experience I have more work that I can handle comfortably.

Even with the clients that are going broke and not paying I have still picked up more than enough clients to pay for the losses from those poorly run places.

Perhaps you should be looking at your Hourly rate if you don't have enough money coming in and are busy. It doesn't sound as if you are charging enough.


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Do you have a website, yet?

by santeewelding In reply to Small home based computer ...

If not, construct one yourself.

I can think of no more severer test to figure out who you are, what you can do, and to whom you put it.

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what'd i'd suggest

by jck In reply to Small home based computer ...

Look to your local school system(s).

Find out if they have a competitive bid process for their PC placement and maintenance.

If you get into that, you could possibly have one client with hundreds of PCs.

Good luck

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