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    Small Home Biz – 2 Building Network


    by jomoweb ·

    A friend has asked me if I could network her small home business for her, and I said ok since I am a Geek and up to the challenge. However, it is seemingly more complicated than I had anticipated.

    The network will consist of three workstations and two printers in two buildings seperated by thick concrete walls and about 150 ft. distance.

    What is the best network to setup for her. My gut feeling is a wireless variety with an antenna on each rooftop pointed at each other would work best.

    However, the relatively short distance suggests cat-5 may be possible, but I have heard that distance affects it, and running the cable outside is dangerous because of lightning and such.

    Please reccomend a suitable network for this small business with a small budget scenario.


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      2 Buildings

      by roger99a ·

      In reply to Small Home Biz – 2 Building Network

      Either method you use would work, either cat 5 or a wireless bridge. If you want to run the cable you should bury it in PVC pipe all the way to keep it dry and protected. I would prefer the cable if it were up to me, if it fits into the budget.

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      Cable best – both work

      by deadly ernest ·

      In reply to Small Home Biz – 2 Building Network

      Both your options will work, but wireless connections are open to interference and unauthorised usage unless you take the time and trouble to use very good encryption. Cable is the better option.

      If wireless set up a router in each building and use wireless with encryption through out the whole system. More software and system set up work but ensures security.

      If cable use Cat 5E (1GB link – makes the wireless link speed look sick), with the cable laid inside a pvc pipe, can use 25 mm but 40mm is roomier, for the stretch between the buildings. With a switch or router for each building and the inter-building link using the uplink line between them you will have a good secure hi-speed network.

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        by sumesh.adiyapurath ·

        In reply to Cable best – both work

        if you can lie a cable don’t think abt anything else use a cat 5 or higer grade cable. Cat 5 will work up to 100 mtrs.

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          Cable it is

          by jomoweb ·

          In reply to Cable

          Buried 100 ft underground in cpvc, and used garden hose oround whatever was exposed above ground.

          1 5 port switch in each building.

          Works awesome! Thanks for helping me make up my mind!

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