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small home network problem

By meafixall ·
I am using a computer with XP pro to connect to the internet with a modem.There are three other computers, running win 98se, connected with NIC cards thru a 5 port fast ethernet switch.All the computers belong to the same workgroup.I Can share the internet connection without any conflicts.However,Sharing files is another story.When searching for other computers from the XP machine I only see one. When attempting to access it I am denied access.When accessing the XP from the same 98se machine there is no problem sharing files.This only works with one of the 98se machines, the others cannot see the XP machine at all.All the 98se machines have the same settings for the NIC cards(that is tcp/ip,Netbios settings)and they can share files among themselves without conflict.So to recap,It seems that the XP machine needs some settings to share the files with eveyone else.What are they?????

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by sgt_shultz In reply to small home network proble ...

it's a permissions issue. your first of many (smile).
each XP box needs to have a user account for the win98 boxes to let em in. use the exact same username and password as you use to log onto the win98 boxes. my guess is some have null or blank passwords now so they are working...?

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by CptOmlly In reply to small home network proble ...

To remedy "not seeing" some of the machines, you should also verify that the XP box has NetBios over TCP/IP enabled to ease name resolution issues. Check the properties for the LAN connection on the XP box. Under Advanced properties/WINS tab you can select Enable TCP/IP over NetBIOS.

Hope this helps.

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by HereInOz In reply to small home network proble ...

Have you run the Network Setup wizard in XP then put the floppy disk it creates in each of the 98 machines? Often with 98, you can't get anywhere with XP until you have done that. If you have, it is probaly a permissions problem as stated above.

Also, be aware that XP will accept usernames like Fred&Alice, but 98 will not, so if you have any usernames like that, you won't be able to log on from the 98 boxes with them.

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by tilsonkephas In reply to small home network proble ...

To add to the above answers, while creating the XP as your ICS, make sure you create a network disk, this will have the "netsetup" size maybe around 319 or 320KB. You have to use that disk to setup the w98 machine,
Good luck
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by andypiesse In reply to small home network proble ...

Internet sharing on XP is not relevant as it is a pass-thru service.
I won't repeat the advice given by other responders as both give advice I woould.
Check each machine can see every other one by pinging. You may have to disable the XPs firewall
for it to respond.
Pinging does not require permissions.
Check in each PCs network neighborhood which machines they can see.
On the XP try using the search for computer button. This sometimes works as the Masterbrowser takes a long time before it updates.

To test permissions create a 'test' account with administrative rights on the XP with a password.
login to the windows 98 PCs with that identity and password and see if

Do you have a DHCP server? if not Are TCPIP settings matched, that is, is the mask and the actual addresses in the same range for example -

PC's will only be listed in the network neighborhood if they have file sharing enabled.
XP may not connect if the share is not password protected.
Lot more suggestions if needed :G

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