Small law firm - SBS 2003 setup

By jaduck ·
I will be setting up a new server at a local law firm (12 users) and I need some advice whether or not my idea will work. Currently the firm has a 7 yo Dell Poweredge Server (P3 800, 512 ram, scsi 18 GB RAID 1) running Windows 2000 server. I want to purchase a new SBS server (dual Quad Core, 4gb ram, RAID 1 OS Partition, RAID 5 DATA partition) and set it up as a SBS so the firm can use Exchange and act as the new DC. The owner of the business wants to use terminal server for remote access while on the road. Could I use the old server (demote it as a domain controller) and let it host my terminal server or would it be better to retire the old server and just use the new SBS? BTW, if we use the old server I will add a second processor and bump up the ram to 1 GB. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for the advice!


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Server configuration

by ctmoore1998 In reply to Small law firm - SBS 2003 ...

Since there will probably only be one or two concurrent users on the 'old' server it should function reasonably well as a terminal server given your planned upgrades. I would consider a fresh reload of the server once the migration is complete, instead of a DCpromo demotion. The main consideration is what are the hardware requirements of the software that will be hosted on the terminal server? As long as you excede the software requirements you should be ok.

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Server configuration

by jaduck In reply to Server configuration

Thanks for the advice! I was planning on doing a fresh install of Windows 2000 server on the old machine, sorry for the confusion. Actually, 4 users will be accessing the TS, but rarely, if ever, will 2 user be logged on concurrently. The only software they will use is a time billing software program, MS Outlook, Word, and WordPerfect 10.

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SBS 2003 and Dual Xeon Quad Core

by funnyfridaysguy In reply to Server configuration

If you run into an IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL blue screen on install, I had to shut down the extra cores when running a Dual Quad Core. We're going to test today at the supplier to see if the SBS 2003 supports two Quad Cores. I didn't see anywhere on the page referencing QuadCore cpus. the Dual Cores yes, two of them. No mention I could find of QuadCores.

I know the specs from Microsoft say two CPUS but I don't think the software supports more than 4 processors in the task manager. Mine freaked on the install. Hopefully it's just bad ram.

But I don't think in 2002 when SBS 2003 was in development anybody really had 4 core cpus to play with for a Small Business.

Like I said, hope I'm wrong.

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by mcbritt In reply to Small law firm - SBS 2003 ...

I would use SBS and permit Remote Access for the one user. That would be simplier than using the other server as a Terminal Server, buying Terminal Server licenses and spending the extra manhours and expense when SBS2003 can handle it quite nicely.

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Law firm Small Business Server

by jaap In reply to SBS & TERMINAL SERVER

I too have a problem that the setup declres that it only recognises 2 processors. Seems like it does however utilise the other processors (according to microsoft).

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