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Small Network Setup

By minookarthik ·
I have a PowerEdge1800, 5 pcs, 1 firewall, 1 router, 1 printer, 6 hardwired cat5 connections to workstations in the office. Can someone tell if I would be needing a switch? Is this enough Hardware to build this small network. Also, Can someone please tell me what the heirarchy should be (like ISP,Firewall,Router to server and wall connections) or (like ISP,Firewall,Switch to Server and wall connections). What is the standard practice? Thanks in anticipation.

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by jmgarvin In reply to Small Network Setup

What do you plan to do?

Typically you see ISP->Router->Firewall->Server->Switch->Clients

Do you plan to grow? It seems like you may not need a full switch, a hub may be enough. Also, it depends on your security. Is your server available to the outside word or just internal? Do you need a DMZ?

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by NI70 In reply to Small Network Setup

I agree with jmgarvin's answer to the point of the hub. I'd get an 8 port mini-switch that you can purchase for +/- $30, such as Hawking Tech HFS8T - Ethernet Mini Switch - 8 Port 10/100.

Google search results:

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by minookarthik In reply to Small Network Setup

Yes I'm planning to make the server available to external world also for remote login and stuff....Also how can we get connect a switch to a server i.e. ISP-Router-Firewall-Server-Switch, so the net connection has to come from the server and then split through switch...How do we do that? The server has only one network card and i'm assuming the firewall would be connected to it..Please excuse me if my question is very stupid n ignorant....I appreciate all your previous helps. Thanks.

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by Neil Cotton In reply to Small Network Setup

if the server is to be on accessible from outside of your network, your best bet is to set up a DMZ (De-Militarised Zone) but the security is lessened. ISP>Router(I guess you mean a modem/router comvined device) > Server > Firewall > Switch > Clients.

This is best for serving solely the outside world, remote access, apps sharing, VPN, proxy and web/mail servers.

It's not the best option if you are wanting it more for a internal network server such as a file server, mail filter, print server.

if the internal is more important.


As mentioned above, there is no need for an enterprise switch, if the network is going to be busy you can get a 8 port switch (sometimes dodgey brands label them "Intelligent Hubs | Managed Mini Hub", but it is a switch. If it's rarely used for data transfer, just a bog standard 8 port hub would do.

If you are wanting a web/mail server and proxy and an internal netowrk or domain controller.


Hope this helps...I dont know how clear I made that.


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by Sardukkan In reply to Small Network Setup

All of the other options are good! The only thing I would add would be second nic in the server.
ISP - Router - Firewall with DMZ - Switch - Server one port to switch, one port to DMZ. Workstations to switch

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how would I setup a small network without using a wireless router?

by bmfulston In reply to Small Network Setup

My task is to create a network at my work place. There are 5 computers and 2 printers, and we do not have the budget for servers or wireless routers. HELP PLEASE!

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