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Small Office minimum tech requirements

By judojim ·
I would like to start a discussion regarding building a checklist for the minimum Small Office technology requirements in an all Windows, white box shop. For instance,
1. One Domain Controller
2. One Backup Domain Controller
3. One Exchange Server
4. One *archive* Exchange Server
5. One database server
6. One Firewall
7. Minimum storage requirements
8. Mimimum group/security policies
9. Minimum software/database requirements
10. ...

In other words, if I wanted to start a business today and predicted that it would grow to a maximum of 30-50 employees, what would this "all- windows-on-white-boxes" shop look like at the end of the day.

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Your list is vary costly

by zlitocook In reply to Small Office minimum tec ...

To start with two servers would support what you need. If you use ethernet and switches or routers, most come with firewall attachment you can use. The archive for exchange could be other harddrives or cdw and the data could use the same. Always backup your data each night on cdrw or tape, but I dont trust tape. And increase your server farm as you go. I would look into Linux for internet access and firewall protection both are free and run much better then NT and 2000.

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Tailor List to Application

by TheChas In reply to Small Office minimum tec ...

From the looks of your list, you assume that all offices require a serious web pressence.

The last firm I worked for had 100 engineers plus support staff, and had just a basic network with 1 file server.

At my present firm, it is a bit more upto date, but is well below your list.
The company has a web site, an Intranet, e-mail and file servers.

You need to define several "business models" and customize the list by needs.


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Cut down and merge

by VNCoder In reply to Small Office minimum tec ...

Depends the size of your small office, Even if you have 20-40 users, I think the below is good enough. Start small and move up as you need.

1. One Domain Controller & One Exchange Server
2. One Backup Domain Controller & One *archive* Exchange Server & One database server
3. Off the Shelf Firewall/Proxy Server

If the database is heavily used 24/7 then backup at least twices a day. But for a small shop, backup once a day is good enough. Make sure you rotate your backup media - says fornight rotation.

If you want to impress with the state of the arts then go ahead and spend millions on setting up a "start up business". However, I did wish you a lot of lucks.

If I were you, I would try to minimise my start-up cost. From from you have said, I assume you are well-knowledged in computer skills. Then I would recommend trying to get as much free softwares as possible e.g. Linux as the main OS (remember you will get the desk-top looks and feel), PostgreSQL as database, QMail as the mail server (POP3, IMAP), LInux firewall/proxy/DHCP/Samba. So the cost is just slightly above your hardware cost.

But then's really depends on what you want to do with your network of computers.

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