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Small office needs help

By JGalloIII ·
Due some problems with the economy. I have had to move to a small office. I did this to keep my staff. I have 4 staff working at home. I have an internet connection coming into office. The 4 staff I want to dial in using an ISP, I have a ciscorouter in office w/128 k circuit as well as check point firewall. I want the staff to dial into office for mail (MS Exchange) and, but don't want them surfing from this connection to the internet.

Any suggestions?

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RE: Small office needs help

by TCBW In reply to Small office needs help

I am assuming that you don't want your staff to charge you for the time that they are on the net.

Due to the fact that they dial an ISP then connect to you results ins omething that is not easy to control. Anything you install on the machine can be overcome as you are not able to watch what is happening.

A way to approach this is to pay for the connectivity that you can track. You can track the time they spend connected to your web server & exchange. This is then a good way to check to see if they surf a lot. Compare the telephone bill for the staff member with the log file on the server.

You will find tools that say they can provide this but they tend to be crackable.

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by eBob In reply to Small office needs help

Pick up the Checkpoint VPN client ("SecureRemote") and install it on your users' PCs. There's some "complications" with configuring the client, the first time. The client S/W can be locked down to ensure that your users are only connected to your C.O. Then you're all set.


See if your ISP has a VPN offering that can do this.

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Thank you

by JGalloIII In reply to VPN

Will try Checkpoint VPN with secure Remote since I already own that.


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