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    Small Office Network Question


    by rmangus ·

    I set up a workgroup in a small office (1 laptop and 1 desktop right now) for file and print sharing. I’m using a Netgear WGL614 router to connect and manage DHCP. After making sure both PCs had Internet access, I ran the Network setup utility, named the computers and workgroup and rebooted both machines.

    Upon rebooting, the computers still could not see each other. I turned off my firewalls (Norton Internet Security and Windows XP firewall), but that didn’t help anything. I checked out the router config page and found that both computers show up as attached devices. Since they both have IP addresses, I tried adding the printer that’s attached to the desktop to the laptop, by using the IP address of the desktop instead of its name, and was successful. So, using the IP address, I actually can see shared folders and printers on the desktop from the laptop, but not vice versa.

    This isn’t such a problem right now because I just want the laptop to print and I can put shared files into the shared folder on the desktop. But I do want to add additional computers in the future and the IP address thing needs fixed.

    So my question is, where am I going wrong with this network and what do I need to do so I can map to printers and shared folders using the computer name instead of IP address?

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      by bfilmfan ·

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      You will need to configure local user accounts and the permissions on each system as it is a workgroup.

      You can get details on setting up a XP workgroup here:;en-us;304040

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      by old-flyer ·

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      If this is a peer-to-peer network then you will need to make sure that the NetBEUI protocol is installed or edit the host file on each machine or you will not get any name resolution. To resolve name to ip addresses windows require NetBEUI, WINS, or DNS. WINS and DNS are usually services provided by a server.

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      by wlbowers ·

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      All you need is tcpip.

      NetBUI is a network protocal that was used when everything was dumb. Instead of the devices waiting to be called on they constantly proclaim “I’m here, do you want me” over and over.

      Both computers have to be on the same workgroup.

      Right click on my computer and get properties. Click on the computer name tab. You will be able to see the workgroup name and be able to change it if necessary.

      You will need user accounts on each machine. You can log in as the administrator or as a user.

      Turn on file sharing. Share the hard drives and any attached printers.

      This is Microsofts page on file sharing for xp.

      Good Luck


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      by rmangus ·

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      Thanks, guys…I didn’t have user accounts on either computer, so that took care of the problem.

      I appreciate the information!

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