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By Blah1234 ·
I want to set up a server for a small business. There is about 6 of us, I wanted to set up the server to share internet in the office, allow for file sharing and printer sharing - the usual. There is also a lot of off site work and we will be wanting to access files and applications from offsite - I have heard of a program call citrix for this. Pretty much I don't have mush of any experience settign this stuff up, but It's good experience and I am willing to learn and research. I am looking for any good sites on how to set stuff up, as well as some good programs that I can look up and see what we need. If your not sure to mention something, just go off the basis that I can know nothing about servers.

All help is appreciated

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by jdmercha In reply to small server

Citrix might be overkill for such a small operation. A lot depends on what applications you need to run remotely. Windows 2003 server comes with terminal services that might do just fine for you.

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by Blah1234 In reply to

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by maxwell edison In reply to small server

For a small office like that, I might try to buy a copy of Windows 2000 Server. There are plenty of retail outlets that still carry it, and you could probably even find it on ebay. Windows 2003 Server is the latest and greatest Microsoft product, but W2K is a more time-tested product with plenty of service packs and security upgrades already released. After it's installed, go to for all the service packs and security upgrades.

You don't need to go through a server to share an Internet connection. A router will handle that task just fine. I'd recommend a firewall router, such as the Linksys BEFVP41. The nice thing about that router is that it will also allow a VPN configuration and/or a VPN pass-through.

So the hardware would be something like:

Windows 2000 Server running on a P4 (or PIII) 512MB - 1GB RAM, hard drive whatever size you need. You could, I suppose, beef it up more than that.

Client workstations - whatever you need.

Router - Linksys BEFVP41

Ethernet Switch - 12 port (larger if you plan to expand)

Cable Modem - assuming Broadband Internet

The Internet cable connects to the cable modem; the cable modem connects to the WAN side of the router (WAN = Wide Area Network - i.e. the Internet); the LAN side of the router connects to the switch (LAN = Local Area Network); the server and all client workstations connect to the switch.


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by maxwell edison In reply to

A VPN for remote connection would require a VPN router at the remote site as well. However, there's a VPN software called SSH Sentinel that is a very good VPN client software. The nice thing about that is it doesn't require a static IP address on the client side, and it's real easy to setup.

There are a lot of considerations when it comes to configuring the server, establishing security policies and so forth. I might suggest investing in a set of books to help you through the process. Microsoft Press will have some nice publications on setting up a Windows based server, and Mark Minasi has some nice ones called "Mastering Windows 2000 server", or "Mastering.....whatever". Do a Web search for some book stores that carry them, or you could probably just go to Amazon and/or ebay.

There are some thoughts.

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by Blah1234 In reply to

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by CG IT In reply to small server

I'm with Maxwell though I would suggest Windows Small Business Server 2000. Its an "All on One Box" Solution for Small Business. Comes with your own Exchange Mail Server, ISA firewall Proxy Server, allows up to 50 connections and is wizard driven. As maxwell says, W2k is more time honored and proven and I've run SBS 2000 and its really a nice setup. Especially with your own Email Service and most importantly ISA server Firewall. Tt does require you to learn it e.g. configuring it, getting updates [Exchange server has its own updates that are NOT on the microsoft update site. ISA updates are not either].

Norton Corporate Antivirus version 8.0 and up with the Exchange componet works well with SBS 2000. once setup, noton virtually runs itself and keeps workstation antivirus definitions up to date.

ISA server that comes with SBS 2000 negates the necessity of a router setup between your High Speed internet and your network. Its a really good firewall/proxy server.

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by Blah1234 In reply to

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by Blah1234 In reply to small server

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