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I m Owning a SAMSUNG SP0411N Which is a 40 GB, 7200 RPM HDD. The Problem with it is I Have connected it as Secondary Slave with my CD-RW and Primary Master as My 80 GB HDD on my 2.0GHZ Intel, Asus p4S533-MX Motherboard, When i check im System BIOS it Detects it Perfectly when i Quit BIOS it provides me with an error "Secondary Master Failure". When i Shfted that HDD to my Second PC it Gave Me a SMART Error. I cant make out whats the problem( Changing Data Cables and moving it betn Master to slave has also been tried). The weierd Part is that after Continuing with Error pressing F1. My Windows XP is able to access that drive and even use it sucessfully.

Can you please provide me with a feasible solution fast. I already have tried to repartation the disk too. I cant makeout what the error is.

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by pgcarter In reply to SMART FAILURE

Sorry, the drive is toast. If you have any data on it, copy it, fast. Smart (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) errors mean the drive is about to fail, any minute. I've had some experience with smart errors and the drive may chug along for awhile but will fail completely sooner than later.

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What to say

by rmsrohan In reply to toast

Is it possible the drive may have other problem...

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Yes it's possible

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to What to say

You can run the Drive Tester off the Ultimate Boot CD to test the drive if you like it's available here


Samsung doesn't appear to have a Drive Tester available so the one available on the Ultimate Boot CD will probably be the best available.


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You are most likely not seeing the SMART warning

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to SMART FAILURE

On one machine because the SMART testing isn't enabled in BIOS so it can not report the problem.

Every time that I've seen a Warning message like that it means that the drive is about to die and generally sooner rather than latter. Last weekend while working on a server with a RAID 1 setup I saw the same message on both SATA Drives and while I loaded the system I told them of the problem and offered to buy some new HDD's for them to prevent DATA Loss. They declined so I just hope that both drives don't fail at once or their new data will be lost since the last backup.


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