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Smart Fitness Mirrors

By AnswerShaun ·
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What are your thoughts with smart mirrors becoming fitness mirrors?
Mirror.Co, QAIO Flex, SmartSpot and Corning's Fitness Mirror prototype are being competitive in the market. Do you think an ordinary DIY smart mirror is possible to have this fitness feature too?

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Great Fitness Trend

by AthenaGeek In reply to Smart Fitness Mirrors

In my opinion, it would be best to buy a product that is exclusively made for a purpose, e.g. fitness. I wouldn't bother constructing a fitness mirror because that would also take tons effort,money, and time without knowing if it would come out as "okay". I'd stick to the Smart Fitness mirror with the best feature without giving so much $$ and weigh the feature and service/s I can get. As mentioned above, there are companies manufacturing these smart mirrors, but I would, most definitely, buy a smart mirror with a great background in tech and in mirrors ofc fitness. Did my research and the latest ones are QAIO Flex and Mirror. Yet, I'm still deciding for QAIO Flex. Both are great but the company has a good background in Smart Mirrors and Smart TV's, I think the product would be great.

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Best Answer

by John Cater In reply to Great Fitness Trend

Thanks for sharing your useful thoughts.

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by AnswerShaun In reply to Great Fitness Trend

Thanks, I agree a bit. These are cool products that luxurious people can only afford. I guess, these are unnecessary.

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Not sure

by kylestinson9009 In reply to Smart Fitness Mirrors

I don't actually think DIY-ing this stuff could be possible...or if anyone would have the time and money to do it, instead of straight up purchasing the gadget they know would work and wouldn't give them such a hassle.

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Got the point

by AnswerShaun In reply to Not sure

Yep, got your point man. Need a bigger budget for this another gadget/appliances though.

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Great Crossover

by PhilipDawson21 In reply to Smart Fitness Mirrors

In my own opinion, it is a great crossover though. People are becoming more smart in inventing things that are versatile and would become "something" in the future. Although, these are luxury products that requires so much money.

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by AnswerShaun In reply to Great Crossover

Their minds are really getting out of the hand, Didn't see this coming. Who would've thought that our fantasies, movie like scenes or portals are possible in the future. Didn't expect we're going to have smart mirrors and now it is upgrading to smart fitness mirror. I'll be really full blown if this will become a need in every household.

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by PhilipDawson21 In reply to Yes

Exactly bro! But I don't think it will become necessary some people would still choose doing workouts like they used to. Anyway, QAIO flex seems amazing too because of its mounting options and other features. Smart, indeed!

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by BrendaAnderson In reply to Smart Fitness Mirrors

If someone asks me about fitness it is an essential part.

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