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Smart phone/Pocket PC - Suggestions?

By onbliss ·
Well I have an aging cell phone, and the hardware is just dying - keys don't work anymore. I can't search for the stored phone numbers. So what good is the phone now :-) So I am willing to take a giant step towards a smart phone or Pocket PC.

I like to hear some suggestions from you folks. Here are some specs and details on how I plan to use the device.

1. Carrier: Verizon wireless, do not want to change.
2. Web browsing/Email service: Not Required.
3. OS: Windows Mobile (preferred)
4. Planning to upload any free-mobile applications - dictionaries, encyclopedia, maps etc.
5. Would love to develop some .net programs - just for fun - and use them on this.

You see I don't need Email or Web browsing capabilities. Just a glorified USB or zip drive, with capability to make phone calls.

I gather many of these come with Word, Excel, Outlook. Ability to read the Office documents would be great, I plan to just sync the documents from my home PC.

I am not a busy individual; just a good developer :-)

What are your hardware suggestions?


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by jdmercha In reply to Smart phone/Pocket PC - S ...

Look at the units that have the keyboard under the phone. The keys tend to be a bit larger. I think Verizon may be limit you to just one model like this.

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by onbliss In reply to Consider

Yes, you are probably correct I would be limited because of the carrier. I know for sure that Verizon offers Motorola as well as Palm Treo as two devices.

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IPAQ can use

by w2ktechman In reply to Limitations

different carriers. It can even use pay as you go SIMS
but personally, I think that the phone part of it isnt as good. I turned my phone off.

Several users here have switched their phones to the IPAQ, and they like it better, so it is about choice and preferences.

Many phones these days are more and more like PDA's, and many PDA's are more and more like phones. The main difference is in size, and screen size.

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Ok, you asked for this, just remember that!

by gadgetgirl In reply to Smart phone/Pocket PC - S ...

- and also remember I can't specify types of mobiles/pda's, cos I'm in the UK, and ours are a lot different to yours...

But. You need to take a lot of things into consideration before you decide which model you're going to purchase.

From the top - you seem to primarily want a phone so you need to make that your top priority. Anything else you need, prioritise that, too, then add on your list of "would be nice to haves" and "if it could do's"

Some things have to be taken into consideration, regardless. For instance, I find the clarity on a cell much clearer than using an Ipaq (or equivalent) It seems to be something to do with the actual audio capacity (they tell me!) and the amount of available volume (on the Ipaq, I mean - if it gets to too low on the battery, it conserves itself by cutting light and volume levels etc, and rightly so)

If you do aim for a cell, make sure you think about the following points:

1. Do you text? If so, how large/small are your fingers? Do you "thump" or are you gentle? (!) I've found I'm too gentle at times (oh, there's an opening for jd!) and that the soft key phones are no good for me. Conversely, the plastic ones don't have the right amount of "give" for my arthritic fingers, so I find those frustrating too. I stuck to a metal key type keyboard, which, as Goldilocks would say, it just right for me.

2. When looking around for a cell, don't forget to take into account the costs of data cables, extra batteries, chargers etc. Most people need an in car charger which isn't normally included in the initial kit (well, not over here) The data cable, if you're needing one, also needs to be purchased.

3. If you have your head screwed on, at the same time as buying the phone, you'll buy an extra battery and a phone cover. (I mean the hard cover - it's also a good way to have a spare keyset on hand, too)

4. Make sure you also get a SimSafe (sim storage - yes?) and download all the numbers you have now onto it before you even THINK about transferring sim cards, cell numbers etc. Saves heartbreak, believe me.

5. Check out the model on both the manufacturers site, and Google. Where you'll find lots of extras from the manufacturer, you also need to read any bad feedback too, which is why I said Google - the manufacturer will not knock its' own product - unless there is a known manufacturing/program fault, in which case you wouldn't want that model in the first place.....
Also check the manufacturers site for online instructions, and how easy they are to read/follow. If you can't follow them online, you don't stand a cats chance!

6. Check out any local stores who provide cell phone repairs etc. Have a word with the guy behind the counter on the specific phone you've chosen. He'll be able to tell you what the most common fault is, if repairs are frequent, if the phone software is easily reloaded and the approximate cost of a range of repairs for that particular phone. (I'm preparing for when it's out of warranty, here)

Just remember you asked for this.....!!!

If you're wondering where all this came from, I've recently gone through an horrendous couple of weeks with my phone:
HOB decided when air blasting some fluff out of my cell that he'd clean it too, and used the wrong product, which ate away the screen. Bear in mind, here, that my parents are both deaf, and in cases of emergency, text me. I had to quickly do a buy-it-now on Ebay, so had another phone 2 days later. One simsafe broke, so had to wait to get the DR one from work after the weekend. After downloading numbers, it decided it wasn't going to let me send text, and as Ma was poorly I ended up purchasing a third as I couldn't get to the shop to have No. 2 repaired....

Finally got sorted, and am totally back up and running. Now have 3 batteries, have donated a charger to daughter, but as these are all the same model I have a totally working back up phone, which I'm swopping out the battery on every month to keep the cells live. And, of course, as they're all the same model, the data cables etc. that I already purchased are still valid....

oh yes. And note that the cause of the hassle didn't end up paying for two phones. I did. He broke it, I paid. Yet a-bloody-gain!!!

Hope this helps, Onbliss. Let me know how you get on, and what phone/pda you eventually end up with after all your research and homework! Feel free to pm me with any questions cos I think I garbled a bit. Again. Actually I'm just putting off going for my flu jab....... :0


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by onbliss In reply to Ok, you asked for this, j ...

You are so far ahead of me in this subject. Some of the things that you are talking are going like bouncers. I did not buy a cell phone until 3 years back. I did not buy a DVD player until a year back. I am that kind of guy :-)

You are absolutely right, the primary functionality that I am looking at is that of a phone. I don't text. Infact I hate the smaller keyboards on laptops. Now and then RSI symptoms plague me, so I do not like cramped keyboards.

I plan to stop at a Verizon wireless store this evening. I will surely update you on the device I end up buying.

Thanks for your suggestions. #5 is pretty useful info.

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Eventually I ended up with....

by onbliss In reply to Ok, you asked for this, j ...

hey GG, I bought two Samsung SCH-u540 - one for my wife and one for me.
This was the reasoning:
We just bought a previously owned house, and were updating some of the appliances, hardware and doing some remodeling. As we were doing it, I evaluated each item on the basis of two things:
1) How much we are going to enjoy the item (feature). Nice to have and usability.
2) How much value it is going to add when we sell the house.

We could have afforded a bigger/better house and more upgrades. But we chose not to do so.

That is when I evaluated my PDA needs. I hardly use my cell phone. I saw no point in putting money into something that I am neither going to use nor it is going to appreciate. I thought maybe I could put that 300 bucks in buying a new light fixture :-)

added: Funny how buying a house influenced my decision in buying the cell phone. My wife hardly cared for what I bought for us. She is a programmer like me, but all she cared was that she should be able to call and be able to see the "caller id" without having to flip -open the phone.

One thing I hate with the phone is that I need to flip it open to see the time. I stopped wearing wrist watch few years ago. With the new cell phone it is getting to be a pain. Other than that the phone meets all my current needs.

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by Regulus In reply to Smart phone/Pocket PC - S ...

Very disappointed in experience with TREO with Verizon. 80% dropped calls. General poor performance. Really don't know what's better but I'm still looking.

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Not sure about the USA.. but in blighty

by chris.warren In reply to Smart phone/Pocket PC - S ...

You're probably going to have to have a phone with email / internet as standard - you might want to use the HTC Hermes as a baseline phone (it seems to have all the features you can get - possible exception of GPS and then work back from there.) but not sure what you can get over that side of the pond but HTC is Worldwide it'll just be badged differently.

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Experience w/ Treo and Motorola Q

by hsoutham In reply to Smart phone/Pocket PC - S ...

Our company (Verizon customer) has used the Treo 650, Treo 700w and the Motorola Q. We have found very poor phone performance in both the Treo's. However, the PDA functionality has been great. The Motorola Q has had great phone coverage, but the PDA functionality is limited. It does not respond well to having additional program loaded, but it is great for contacts, calendar, email, and viewing files (Word, Excel, .pdf). The Treo came from companies who had the pda functionality down flat and added the phone features. Therefore, that is their weakness. The Motorola comes from the opposite side - great phones, but new to pda. Your choice depends on what is more important to you - phone or pda flexibility.

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SonyEricsson P990i

by alrodan In reply to Experience w/ Treo and Mo ...

The P990i is a great phone with the symbian 9.1 OS, which allows you to use corporate telephony, which is kind of an LCR that always routes your call thorugh one gatway, A1 number and A2 number, Internet browser (Opera? gives you complete Web pages in horizontal screen mode,Business card scanner ? save biz cards in your P990
3G/UMTS ? enjoy the latest operator services
RSS reader ? get to up-to-the-minute news straight to your phone
Video call ? see who you?re talking to
High quality 30fps (frames per second) video recording
Music player and FM RDS radio ? music and entertainment around the clock
2 megapixel camera with autofocus ? pictures to be proud of
60MB internal memory + 64MB Memory Stick PRO Duo? included in kit
WLAN 802.11b ? high speed internet access
Symbian 9.1 ? add features to your phone
Advanced mobile phone and organizer (UIQ 3.0) ? effective business tool

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