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Smartbooks the future of Personal Computing.

By CG IT ·
PC Magazine's Tim Barjian has an article on Smartbooks, not a notebook and not a netbook which I believe is going to be the future of personal computing.

here's a link to Tim's article:,2817,2351046,00.asp

I'm most confident that these smartbooks, if they stick a phone in em, will sell like hotcakes. Especially if users can get whatever cool app they want from Google.

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Could be the development of the Smart Phone that we need

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Smartbooks the future of ...

Or want not sure which is the right answer there.

But how well received these things are will all depend on the Plan that they are sold under and how good the Connection tot he Cloud actually is. Currently the limiting factor with Smart Phones is the cost of using them to access Net Content and the coverage of the providers.

While the Coverage isn't as big an issue in the cities when you get out in the Boonies it can be a different story and that will affect how they are accepted.


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Yeah and that's where advertising subsidy comes in

by CG IT In reply to Could be the development ...

we'll see advertisments on the phone! Wonder if we will ever be able to just have a phone to make calls again?

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Well I do

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Yeah and that's where adv ...

I didn't even know that some change had been made to my old phone so I could no longer send SMS Messages. It could have been that way since I bought it a long time ago as I never send SMS.

I have a business client with one and his plan doesn't have any Internet Time though the Telco involved supplied the phone on The Plan With what it costs to access the Net in any form he now makes sure to Lock the Keypad whenever he's not speaking on the phone. It's set to lock 5 seconds after the last keystroke and it now no longer randomly connects tot he Net and costs bulk loads of money.

My biggest gripe with Smart Phones is the small Keypads I can not use them satisfactorily as I have Fat Fingers as one Telco Sales Person Insisted. I returned the Complement by saying that I'm only a Dumb Computer Tech I don't understand these complicated Electronic Devices.

I currently use a old Nokia that has enough space between the keys that I don't dial the wrong number when I'm trying to enter something. I've lost count of the number of phones that I have given away because I can not use them to make Phone Calls the way I prefer.

While I like the idea of Smart Phones the reality is that I find them very hard to use even with a Stylist and they are painfully slow. I currently still prefer a NB with a 3G USB Dongle or a even older PCMCIA Card which are not freely available now. They just work better than the USB and are being discontinued because the new NB's no longer use the Technology. Here we are stuck with USB thingies and at one place I couldn't get a signal even though the Tower was less than 3 feet away from where I was standing.

Not sure how members of the General Public get on but I find those USB Devices next to useless and I now have resurrected an old P4 NB to use when I need to access the 3G network. It just works which is far more than I can say for the new ones that I have access to.

On the down side it's getting hard to get batteries for the old one and they are expensive. Probably why I have a 12 V Inverted int he NB Bag that plugs into the Cigar Lighter for Mains Power. I don't trust Batteries all that much after having more than I care to admit run out of juice at inconvenient times.


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