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SmartDisk FireLite USB not detected

By n4syth ·
I have a Windows 98SE system with a Belkin USB PCI card installed. USB working great and able to detect and utilize HDs installed in portable USB cases. Acquired SmartDisk Firelite USB, installed Windows 98SE drivers, plugged in FireLite.... device detected and appeared to install drivers..... no drive appears in My Computer.... nothing in Device Manager. No problems shown in Device Manager. What do I do now??? Any ideas???

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by master3bs In reply to SmartDisk FireLite USB no ...

According to their website, "Windows 98SE requires a software driver, available for free download at

The actual driver is located at

If you didn't install the driver directly from that website; I'd advise you to download it and try again. Unplug the usb device first.

Failing that; be sure you are plugging directly into the USB port on the back of your pc. USB Hubs and even the ones in the front sometimes don't provide enough power. Try different ports.

If none of that works; reinstall the USB Root Hub in device manager; reboot; and try again.

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by n4syth In reply to

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by n4syth In reply to SmartDisk FireLite USB no ...

Came up with the answer with help from SmartDisk tech..... Never ignore the obvious....
The FireLite was formated in NTFS and of course could not mount on a W98SE system (FAT32)!!

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by n4syth In reply to SmartDisk FireLite USB no ...

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Smartdisk firelite 160GB

by Firelite160gb In reply to SmartDisk FireLite USB no ...

This may be my only comment. I "might" help other non techies. I too began to have a real problem with my computer...Dell Penium 4 & windows OS, around by backup disk that I used to leave connected all the time. At first, just warnings about a non recognized usb device....then it got worse. Same trouble with computer not showing G: drive etc. So I disconnected it and all was fine thereafter.
OK cut to the chase, how I solved it is this, start backup program.....wait for program to say "connect device".... then connect it. The device is instantly recognized and backup program begins. I then disconnect it after backup completed.
You see, just maybe we are expected to actually keep our backups SAVE and remove them! I have now done 2 backups and all is good. I am still able to be stupid and leave the device on my desk so it can burn up with the computer in a fire.... and I can still have a backup.
Best of both worlds?

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