Smartphone use in schools?

By qq_88 ·
My daughter is about to start secondary school and has been asking for a smartphone.

I do want to give her a phone so she can contact me in emergencies, but I'm also worried about the negative effects of social media and keeping her safe online.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any tips/tools?
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Smartphone use in schools?

by dbcomp In reply to Smartphone use in schools ...

Smartphone is not good for the school time you can say that and , Give the simple phone for the protection.

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You can use apps

by kylestinson9009 In reply to Smartphone use in schools ...

There are apps that can limit the use of smartphones for children. But if access to wifi concerns you, you should opt for a simple phone that you can contact through calls and sms only.

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by samgord In reply to Smartphone use in schools ...

You can set up parent control and have no worries.
It's possible to turn on restricts on many apps.

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Parent control

by virgina4226 In reply to Smartphone use in schools ...

I join the opinion of other members, you can just setup parent control using smartphone options or external apps and block in this way access to undesirable functions and resources of your device.

As for me, smartphone can be very useful for school, because schoolkid can use it during lessons in different ways. There are a lot of good and important apps able to help your children to improve your knowledge. For example, apps developing vocabulary in any languages, calculator, Wikipedia, timer planning apps

Well, why not to buy it. But don't forget to limit its actions and functions which can be potentially dangerous for child.

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Smartphone use in schools?

by arpitabiswas In reply to Smartphone use in schools ...

You are right when you worry about your daughter regarding the adverse effects of social media and other sites. However, I would like to share that most educational institutes are adopting mobility and are deploying mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, notebooks etc to students, to improve the learning process and make it more interactive, engaging and interesting. The devices are secured and locked into learning kiosks through MDM software, to prevent misuse and allow websites preferred by the educational institute. You may take help of MDM to lock down devices to kiosk mode and allow sites which you as a parent prefer for your daughter.

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Smartphone use in schools

by Stephanie Talley In reply to Smartphone use in schools ...

Give her a simple button she can contact you

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mobile in schools

by John Cater In reply to Smartphone use in schools

Yes, this is the best option, don't buy her a mobile phone with Wi-Fi service, this might be the best answer, and if she wants a mobile phone with a Wi-Fi then there are many apps through which the parents can see the activities of their daughters mobile phone.

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