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We connect our Macs to our Windows network using CIFS rather than SMB. What are the differences, and which is better?

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check the link

by webjabber In reply to SMB vs. CIFS

You can read it from

CIFS is an enhanced version of Microsoft's open, cross-platform Server Message Block (SMB) protocol.


A secure path to access your servers.

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To you, it's all Samba anyway...

by jtclayton In reply to SMB vs. CIFS

The short answer is, those Macs are using neither SMB nor
CIFS -- at least, not as initiated at Microsoft.

Whichever protocol you ask for, Mac OS X is using Samba,
a community-developed implementation that attempts to
make SMB/CIFS into a truly open, multi-platform
networking protocol based on TCP/IP.

That link is dead -- since the project of
absorbing the Internet has suffered setbacks, Microsoft
Internet Developer (MIND) has gone missing, and we hear
less from them about CIFS (but more about SMB2).

Interested readers will do better with Google, Wikipedia
and Christopher Hertel's big book

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