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    SMM facebook farm


    by iorvert2022 ·

    I want to try to create farms of accounts in social networks, for example Facebook. I already have 15 accounts. I keep them in the browser of Gologin and used the proxies presented in it. I have account locks, the fact is that I have free proxies or what could be the matter? As I understand it, all that is free is VPN, please give me advice, what exactly am I doing wrong, how to avoid blocking?

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      Just one thing.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to SMM facebook farm

      Facebook Policy is:
      “It’s against the Facebook Community Standards to maintain more than one personal account. If you want to represent your business, organization, brand or product on Facebook, you can use your personal account to create and manage a Page.”

      Why would you ask for help on this? It’s like asking me to help you jack a car.

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