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    Smoothwall & Servers


    by seanlivo81 ·


    We are currently Running a small network with 3 severs SQL, WEB and Exchange.

    I’m currently trying to setup smoothwall on our network but I carn’t seem to open up any ports to the external NIC.

    Well smoothwall do what I want it to do ordo I need something else?


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      Smoothwall & Servers

      by gyroscope ·

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      I think that the lastest edition of Smoothwall is the 2.2 kernel which only supports ipchains. Anyways, Smoothwalls rules are a pain to setup because the save and restore feature is diffrent than ipchains default. Also I have heard rumors of the rules being wiped back to the default rules whenever there is an update.

      I would go with ipcop’s firewall. They just released 1.3.0 with support for ipchains (2.4 kernel) which can do a stateful firewall plus the firewall rules have a GUI.

      Here is their website:

      Hope this helps.

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